Monday, January 9, 2017

Monday's Links

I'm linking up at both Quiltville's Mystery Monday, and at Patchwork Times Design Wall Monday.

I'm slowly plodding away on En Provence.  I've sure been enjoying seeing the posts of others' progress and even of some already completed quilts.  There have been many that followed Bonnie's colors nearly to the letter (much as I did), and others who have gone their own way...all beautiful, but there have been some that have appealed to me far more than others.  I recall seeing one that was done with blues (in lieu of purple) with a background of black instead of neutrals - oh my! 

I've spent the last few days trying to catch up on elements I was short on.  So that's what this photo represents:
En Provence components
There are purple/neutrals cut for the remaining half-square triangles; there are the purple/lavenders cut, sewn into twosies to become 4-patches, and the remaining neutral strips cut to also become 4-patches.  The note just reflects the number I was short of, not the number needed for the project.  Also, I'm not yet sure of my dimensions since my plan is to make mine smaller - even though I will have the full number of units - it may become a lap-quilt and a table cover, and I may still need to make extras to fill in any areas requiring more under that scenario.

The next pic shows just a random placement of the units for the quilt's layout_I wanted to get a home-visual of how my fabric choices would be playing with each other.  Many of those units would be repositioned so that the same fabrics be spread out a little better, if possible.
Partial layout of En Provence
I haven't yet begun any further progress on Loveland Log Cabin, the UFO for the month chosen by Judy (#3 on our list), but I did get it down off the shelf, so does that count for progress?
Loveland Log Cabin
The wrist is still bothering me a little, but is so much better than yesterday.  I found I had no problem with using the rotary cutter, but had to be very careful using the iron, and setting the iron back in it's upright position was just the right movement to trigger the painful twinge, but I'm a quick learner (pats self on back) and was very careful to use a different movement to accomplish the same.

I'm not sure how much I'll get done this week, housework is calling_again_and I need to start tackling that guest room.  My aunt Irene is planning to be here on the 18th, maybe even the 17th, and she'll need a little bit of space to set her luggage.


  1. I wear earplugs so as not to hear the housework calling.

  2. Enjoy stitching! Don't clean too much.

  3. The mystery will look good!

    I re-numbered my UFOs to make En Provence my number 3. If I don't keep working on it, it will become another UFO.

  4. You know as time goes by those Irons you just loose of and they pop up make more and more sense.


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