Monday, November 17, 2014

Design Wall Monday

While I don't officially have anything on my design wall, I have been playing with fabric scraps.  

Way back in early summer - seems like only yesterday - my aunt gave me a whole heaping bunch of scraps.  I sorted through them and fire-tested for cotton and ridded the bunch of any with polyester in them.  I then washed them all, yep, including the itty bitty pieces and strips and strings and chunks...all of it because she doesn't pre-wash, and nothing comes into my quilt room and stash if it isn't washed.  An exception is made for precuts of which I have very few and they're in plastic, just can't see paying extra to buy something I can cut myself.
A handful of this all crumpled up and messy ..... this, mostly trimmed and pressed flat.
A bunch still in the bottom of paper grocery bag - there were two full bags, pressed down.
These are all various sizes of half-square triangles....
....gathered and stacked to help flatten before pressing...
...and pressed ...
a growing pile
There were two fat quarters and a whole lot of pieces smaller along with full width strips of various sizes.  All are a nice addition to my scrap bins, so now, on to the sorting and cutting...making my own pre-cuts ;p

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Sunday, November 16, 2014

Stash Report, Week 46, 2014

I am home and catching up.  During this week I have done laundry and lots of it, but probably not much else other than decompress.  Considered part of laundry are the fabrics I purchased during my four weeks in the wet land.  All fabric gets pre-washed.  My aunt and I took part in a small shop hop but only made it to four of eleven shops - we just didn't have the time to make it to the others, though it was very tempting to get to a couple more one day when we went to a memorial service, but we had one of my uncles and a distant cousin with us so decided not to and our time was too short anyway.

So, back to the details.  My numbers are clearly going in the wrong direction, but after actually seeing my aunt's stash, I think I have room to grow ;p

Used This Week: 0 yards 
Used Year to Date: 15.62 yards  
Added This Week Month: 22.43 yards  
Added Year to Date: 100.99 yards  
Net Used Added for 2014: 85.37 yards 
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My aunt let me go shopping in her stash!  Can you tell what these colors are for?  There are at least two that won't be included in that project.

While at my dad's, my sister and I went through a cedar chest my mom had.  In it were these cotton fabrics, along with five or six bleached feed sack fabrics.  The pink & whites are both pillow ticking, but aren't real heavy so can be used for quilting, even if only for storage sacks for finished quilts.
This is one of the feedsack fabrics.  You can still see a remnant of whatever markings were originally on it.  You can also see quite a bit of staining; I believe at least a couple of these were used as kitchen toweling.
These came from a favorite quilt shop that I go to up there each year.  I was shopping for fabrics for an upcoming mystery quilt.  Do you know which one?
These came from a shop I've been to before, but one whose fabrics don't generally appeal to me.  Some shops are that way.  This shop is still for sale in the capital city.  The green (maybe?) and the blacks will go in the mystery quilt.  I'm not sure about the bit of yellow in the banana leaves nor the purple for that quilt so will wait and see when the first cutting instructions are released.
These came from a big crafting store in that capital city.  I'd never been there before.  All, or only some, will go in that mystery quilt.  Those that don't will go back into the stash.

Do you know I had to look up the difference between capital and capitol to make sure I spelled it correctly.  I'm slipping in my "old" age!  I had it with an "o" but found out that only refers to the capitol building in the capital city.

So how have you done on additions or subtractions to your stash, whatever time frame that encompasses? 

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