Sunday, January 8, 2017

Stash Report Sunday, Week 2, 08 January 2017

There are no changes to my stash report.  I have continued to work on En Provence and still trying to decide what size to make it.  
En Provence Part 7

I've sewn and trimmed all the blocks for the Part 7 unit, and begun cutting the pieces for those units I didn't make the full amount of yet.

Today, my right arm and wrist are giving me fits.  I can hardly grasp anything without shooting pain, and am thinking I probably laid on it too long in a wrong position, or something.  I had to have Marty push in my seat belt when we left church this morning after I tried and the pain shot through horribly.  This is the same wrist I nearly broke a few years ago and it's never been 'normal' since and I'm pretty sure I have some nerve issues along the lines of carpal tunnel, but it runs along the outer side of that arm from the elbow to the wrist.  It has been used a lot lately with cutting and trimming...perhaps time for a rest?

 This sweet lady is keeping me company here at the computer.

Used This Week: 0 yards
Added This Week:  0 yards
Used 2017: 0 yards
Net 2017: 0 yards increased

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