Sunday, August 7, 2016

Stash Report Sunday, Week 32, 7 August 2016

While away on my two week vacation to the north, I visited only one quilt shop, a favorite, Jane's Fabric Patch in Tillamook, Oregon.  While there I bought all of two yards of a neutral fabric to add to my stash.  Due to time constraints requiring us to be home, I had to miss the quilt show in Newport, OR that my aunt and I usually go to.

Used This Week: 0 yards
Added This Week:  2.0 yards
Used 2016: 0 yards
Added 2016: 13.6 yards

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Monday, July 18, 2016

Design Wall Monday - Week 29, 18 July 2016

The weeks are slipping by.  I won't be posting much over the next couple of weeks (no surprise?) as Nick and I will be headed to the wet land in just a few days, staying at my aunt's when we get there.  She has limited band-width, so I will do my part in the consideration area and not use up her allotment!

I squeezed some sewing in this past week, though not as much as I should have.  I was working on the gray/neutral/black corners for the one block of Allietare.
Bonnie had us press the seams a specific way on this but that just wasn't working for me.  So my 'compromise' was to do something I often do when I'm attempting to match up triangle points, I snipped into the seams so that I could see the points I was trying to match up.  Prior to snipping the seam, I tried just placing the pins, and drawing a little line where the first pin went in, but that was really a pain, not to mention finding the point in the first place and keeping the seems nestled.  The pair of scissors I use is not very pointy which keeps me from accidentally snipping the seam. 
I apologize for the blurry photos, seems my camera just didn't want to focus well.  You should still be able to see that I stick a pin straight into the point, then - what you can't see - stick it into the other piece's point that it'll match up to.  See how I laid the snipped portion of the seam in the opposite direction, thereby leaving the rest of the seam as Bonnie instructed so that it can match up later.  I find by snipping and laying this way, that the point seams nestle better too - less bulk.  I've done this often in projects, and have never had a problem with the seams opening. 
With the first pin still straight into the points, I then take more pins, placing on either side of the seam and pin the pieces together.  This keeps the seams and points in their properly aligned places.
This shows the first pin from the back side and how it is aligned with the point on the second piece. 
Now, with the points and seam properly aligned, when I sew the two components together I don't have to guess whether I'll hit the point or not, I can SEE where I'm hitting, because face it, my 1/4-inches aren't always perfect in order to just line up the edges of the fabric and run them through at a scant 1/4" - I do a lot of wiggling and adjusting when I sew, and in the end, it all comes out right and flat.  It's amazing how off things can be by just a thread here, or a thread there.

That's what's on (off) my design wall this week.  When I get back, I'll get those seams sewn - they're only pinned at the moment, and then I can begin connecting all the components so that they become actual blocks.

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Monday, July 11, 2016

Quilt Camp Blues

At this time during the previous three summers, I enjoyed going to quilt camp near Sisters, Oregon.  Last year was especially hot, and a large number of ladies had come.  There were some gals, very sweet and lovely, yet they had a habit of humming.  Stuff like that doesn't bother 'normal' people, but I have least that's what I'm learning about myself...because it bothered me to the point of going out and buying a personal CD player to which I attached my noise-canceling headphones and listened to my own music.  Sometimes perfumes and fragrances bother me - vanilla of all things, and that was worn by another gal last year.  I also wanted to spend a little more summer-time with my son this year as he's going to be a Senior in high school.

I suppose I was just feeling I didn't want to bother with attempting to tolerate those issues this year, nor making others feel bad by my efforts to block out the things that bothered me, along with having been gone from home just a couple months ago, that I decided to not go this year.  My cousin-in-law, who is the acting Dean this year over the group, has been posting pix on social media, and I'm almost regretting that I didn't go.

The hummers didn't sign up this year, the group is only 17-strong, and the weather is down right perfect for quilting with temps in the 60s.  They've even had some rain and lit a fire in the meeting room stove!!  Instead of Wednesday through Sunday noon, camp was extended for those who desired until Wednesday - a whole week of quilting and relaxing.  Yep, I'm thinking I'm singing the blues about having stayed back this year.  

There's always next year, Lord willing.  I'll be planning for that ... hoping my quilting mojo returns!


Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Design Wall Monday - Week 24, (20 June 2016): LATE!!

Better late than never; my posts are sporadic at best, but I'm not ready to call it quits.

Not directly on my design wall - that's the same as last week with the two Allietare blocks - but on the pinning tables!  Close enough.

My friend Panda was at my house yesterday because she had a small quilt that needed to be pinned and I have two tables that can be set up side-by-side.  So while the tables were up, I decided I could get the quilt for grandson (who is now almost six) pinned.  That's at least one step closer to being finished.  
Tiddly Winks
I gave all the information on this pattern way back in this post from May 2015.  Yeah, I'm slow as molasses.  That may be my new nickname.

Panda then treated Nick and I to dinner (Marty's out of town on business) at a favorite local Chinese restaurant...oh yum, and there are a few leftovers in my fridge that I plan to go have for lunch as soon as I post this.  

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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Wasn't In The Mood

On Monday, I posted what was on my design wall and that to finish Step 4 of Allietare, I needed only to sew the seams of the matched sets of headless geese, the units with the black, red, and neutral - the halves were termed headless geese because they're similar to flying geese blocks, but they don't meet at center.

I clearly was not in the mood, or mindset to be working on sewing.  The time just dragged by.  It seemed more a tedious chore to do all those seams, and then press, than the joy it should have been.  After a little over two hours I had accomplished my task, and was thankful it was done.  Quilting mojo will eventually return...I hope!
A sample of how the block will look.  I'm happy.  All seams came out well and I didn't have to rework any of them.  I think the next step has me putting together the black square with the gray & neutral triangle blocks for the corner sets of the other block. 

Monday, June 13, 2016

Design Wall Monday - Week 23 (13 June 2016)

I'm still working on Allietare of course.  

I could get a little sewing in today; it's been a week again.  Panda and I aren't meeting today as she's out of town, but we will meet next week, so I need to make some progress.

A couple of pics: 
The pieces that go into the 'white space' are the ones I'll be sewing the last seam on today. 
Then I'll be able to sew the four pieces together which make up the corner units for this block.

The link is up at Judy's Patchwork Times.

Wednesday, June 8, 2016


I've been absent from my blogs again. But you knew that, didn't you?

One reason for not having any quilty stuff to report on was that I was busy with genealogy (you can read about that at DOoW.  Why that's a problem is that typically, I spread out everywhere on every SURFACE with papers and would have to put them away in order to sew.  So, I hadn't sewn in over a month.

But, guess what that meant!  Rearranging! Again!  I know, I know, but something had to work so that when I do genealogy, I don't have to put it away to sew, and vice-versa.  Each time I'd put the one away to work on the other, I'd have to completely review and figure out where I left off.  I needed a better solution.

From previous posts, you know all about my Creation Station space and the dilemmas of arrangement with the furnishings I have.   Well, something came to mind one day, I pulled out my tape measure and realized 'it will fit' in the way I was considering.  Ultimately the problem was more that I didn't want my back to the door than anything else so I had been limiting my options.  

Against the wall, under the window - no free SURFACE space.
I moved the sewing cabinet/desk directly against the wall under the window.  The right end butts up to a 2-drawer file cabinet, the left side has ample space for the black cabinet drawers to open with ease.  See how much stuff gets pulled out onto that surface?
No open space on this SURFACE!
This is how much stuff is piled up on my CUTTING table surface.  We had to get a new printer... it has a slightly larger footprint than the old one, but I can once again scan my photos and documents. Hehe, I just realized my calendar is still on May.

There's a raise-able shelf behind the door.
Behind this cabinet door is a lifting platform and originally I thought I could raise it and set my laptop on it.  That was problematic - I couldn't access the drawer, it was hard to lower, the metal support interfered with my knee and I didn't have sufficient elbow room on the left and there was no place for a mouse pad - I don't do well with those built-in thumb pads on laptops.  I had pulled the portable sewing machine table close by to use for the mouse, but that proved cumbersome and was not the right height.

Pretty crowded SURFACEs here too
I was wanting to get back to sewing, so moved the portable table to where the little white desk had been prior to getting the black cabinets...and realized I could turn it so that it faced the window, also allowing TV viewing ease, so brought another chair up from downstairs.  Right behind that chair to the left, is the door to the fabric stash closet.  When the chair is rolled under the table, easy access for the door to open.  This works well...and I was able to sew! and not have to put away all of my genealogy stuff.
rolling desk
The solution to the laptop area, was to again lower that shelf, close the door (I was using the area for odds & ends storage only) and bring the little desk back in.  It has wheels, and rolls easily, so if I need to access the drawer or cupboard, I can easily roll it to the right a little.  The ironing board is directly behind it, so when it's needed, I just roll the desk away from it.  This too is working well...and the desk is lower so it's a better height for me for typing, and there's room for my mouse and a few other things.  I now have two separate work stations!

The new arrangement actually provides a more open feel as I enter the room.  Now, on to some sewing progress.  I pulled out my Allietare bin and got to work.  I progressed through a couple of the steps.
Allietare parts
This is where I have now left off with Allietare.  I think this is part of Step 4.  Pinned and ready to run under the needle.
more Allietare parts
These are some of the other components that have been ready to go since each step was released.  I kept up with the cutting with each step, but not the sewing since I was waiting on my friend Panda to return home, and she wanted us to work on them together.

I know all looks very cluttered in my Creation Station, but I can work in it.  Both sewing and genealogy can be accomplished.  In time, as I progress with my projects, it will get better.  Still need wall cabinet(s) to replace the shelves next to the portable sewing table (see the 4th picture - either direction).  It'll hold the supplies that don't need to be out on the surfaces.  I have hope it will look better in the future, and I'll be more productive with both of my hobbies now that I can leave both works in progress out all the time.
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