Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Oh Who's Counting?

Well, how do you like that? It's been nearly another month since I've posted.  And I don't have anything to show that's been done during that time, so I'll just leave it at that.  I'm still alive and kickin' as they say, just otherwise pre-occupied.

I got out on Saturday to a quilt show in a valley not too far away, only took one photo and it's on my phone..somewhere.  My friend Panda went with me, well, actually I suppose it would be more correct to say I went with her since she drove, but it was my idea to go ;p  We had a great time together, even if my lower back decided to start barking joining the chorus of my feet's complaints.  It didn't help that I discovered my shoe's sole was coming apart.  Better than my soul coming apart!  

Oh! I did buy some fabric.  I bought a charm pack of Moda's Bee Inspired line, and a charm pack (gift for my daughter) of Moda's Sugar Plum Christmas line because it had gingerbread boys on the top fabric and we've had this gingerbread boy thing going on since she was a little girl.

Nick's graduation is coming up on the 1st, along with my daughter and family coming in from Texas the week prior, and I've no place to put them!  So you likely won't see me on here for another month while I figure out where and how to rearrange.

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Bobbin, Bobbin

Do you have a least favorite aspect of this whole process we refer to as quilting?  I think my least favorite is having to rewind bobbins.  

Here's where the bobbins get wound on my Pfaff.  At the far right, that piece with the screw in it was originally set slightly more to the left - think clockwise - but wasn't filling the bobbin very full so I took it to the dealer (shortly after purchase) and asked if that could be adjusted.  He adjusted it and it now gives me full bobbins.
The bobbin sits on the peg and will be wound according to that diagram embedded in the plastic.
To start the bobbin, I have to manually wind a little bit of thread onto it, then slide the peg loaded with the bobbin to the right before running the machine to wind the bobbin.  More often than not, it takes several attempts before the thread actually catches and starts filling.  That is a very frustrating aspect of winding bobbins.  Now someone, I'm sure, will school me on how to poke the end of the thread through that little hole in the bobbin first.  Maybe I'll try that the next time I fill bobbins. 

I'd like to think some bright engineer could come up (or should have by now) with a system where when you add your spool of thread, you add an identical spool of thread that runs through an area that functions like a bobbin...and ideally both would run out of thread at the same time.  You'd know that when the top spool is low, that the 'bobbin' one is also low.  No more filling little plastic/metal bobbins that run out on you at inconvenient times...like before you sewed those dozen or so units without thread :/

But, until that brilliant engineer develops the machine of my dreams, I'll continue to wind bobbins the 'old-fashioned way', and experience the frustrations and aggravations of so doing each time.

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Wait, What?

Sometimes I can only laugh at myself.  While watching The Voice I was busily pinning the block rows together and it suddenly dawned on me that something just didn't look right.  It isn't that all four of the yellows weren't matching because I was sifting through and grabbing the right one as I went, but...where are the center neutral 4-Patches, and that's not where things belong?

Just not right!
Somewhere along the line I got all discombobulated and had things sitting in wrong piles, having pinned about half, I then ended up having to un-pin and sort out my mess.  When all was done, I found I wasn't in such bad shape as I thought and only had to un-SEW one long seam and then lay them in their correct places so that they could be pinned and sewn correctly.  Sure glad I caught that before I'd pinned and sewn them all!
Correct layout
I'm getting a lot of mileage from this photo - this is now the third post with it - which shows the correct layout, which is how I sewed the individual units from, so once that was done, they were pressed, I have no idea how I managed to get the rows all twisted around - perhaps being distracted with the TV?  Or maybe just tired!

It's a shopping day at the big warehouse store that opens in under an hour so I'd better get myself together and get scootin'.   Have a great day!

Monday, April 10, 2017

Design Wall Monday - Week 15, 2017

I haven't had anything to post to Design Wall Monday in quite awhile, but I got busy on En Provence over the last few days.  On Saturday, I put in a full EIGHT hours of piecing time! Yesterday was only three, and I haven't done any yet today...maybe after my afternoon nap which will be right after this post. 

En Provence block layout
 I posted the above pic a few days ago but thought I'd repost it as a reminder.
Putting two units together, chain piecing all the way through the stacks.
 I had pinned a number as to row & column on the top piece of each unit in the layout.  That helped greatly in keeping things in order as I chained through rows 1 through 5 and columns 1 - 4.  The 5th column will be included in the next round, and the sashing strip (those with the pinks) were treated as a 6th row.
This is not a basket!
 As I chain pieced, I just let the units fall off the back of my Sew-Ezi table.  When I was done, this is what I saw.  The units naturally formed a 'bowl' as they landed round and round.  I thought that was pretty cool.
4/5ths of a row
 Getting ready to sew the 5th-column pieces to the respective rows.
Sashing unit pairs
 The sashing units didn't land in quite the same attractive bowl shape but they still circled into a pile of sorts.
En Provence block rows
The five rows are now ready to be sewn into blocks.  I have started the process, but didn't photograph yet.

As long as it's been since I've posted a Design Wall Monday post, it's been as equally long since I've looked to see what others have been doing.  I'm sure everyone else is far more up-to-date than I am with what everyone else has been doing, but I'm going to go have peak....and then take my nap.

Linking up to Patchwork Times!

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Who's Been Missing?

I suppose I have been missing, for a very long time.  I make no promises to be better at blogging.  In my mind of course, I do very well, but when it comes to getting things done, well, not so much.

Today marks the first day I've done any sewing since mid-January.  I suppose I just needed a break.  I played a little with some re-organization of fabric, got a little genealogy done, puttered around with some personal record-keeping, and along with Marty, resolved a non-pipe leak issue in a bathroom, along with all the normal household activities and chores.

My sewing was a continuance of the En Provence mystery quilt.  I still had some elements I hadn't completed the full number of, and still need to sew about a dozen of the purple/lavender 4-patches.  I'll do those tonight.  And, I laid out all the pieces in order for making the blocks, and their scrappiness will hit where it hits...I'd go crazy trying to juggle pieces around to keep from having too many of the same in close proximity. 

En Provence main blocks and sashing blocks components all stacked in place.


Monday, February 13, 2017

Final En Provence Link-up

Bonnie Hunter is having her En Provence link-up finale today.  There are so many beautiful renditions being posted.  Also, there are some that are not completed, such is the case with mine.  I've done nothing on mine in a month or more; portions remain on the design wall, and in it's assigned bin, exactly as it did the last time I posted about it.

Nonetheless, I'll post this 'progress' with intent to getting back to work on it in the near future.

Link-up here a Quiltville.

Friday, January 27, 2017

Friday Catch-up

My aunt arrived on Wednesday the 18th, and left before noon yesterday.  The time passed all too quickly.

We went to Road to California (quilt show/expo) the day after she arrived.  It had been several years since I'd been to the show, and she had never been.  In some ways we were quite disappointed.  We are both traditional style quilters, and there were few of those, and of those that were there, they were hanging high up from the rafters in the entry hall, so hard to look at closely (or by those of us with vertigo).  There were a gazillion vendors, but neither of us were inclined to spend much time with them, so we only spent a couple hours there, jostling elbows with the rest of the opening day crowd.

I will say, the Lord gave us great days on which to travel - in both directions, Thursday & then Saturday - in between nasty rain storms as we traveled on to San Diego straight from R2C and then back home.  We had a nice visit with my cousin and his wife in the San Diego area.

Most of our time was spent just hanging out and chatting at home, but we did go to one museum, and a large quilt store.  She had never been to a Hobby Lobby and since we had one open in Oct/Nov, we spent a chunk of time perusing every aisle there along with a trip to Walmart to do some grocery shopping.

During my aunt's visit, I spent no time at all in my Creation Station, but dug out all of my quilt tops and WIPs and gave her a private showing at her request.  Now I need to refold a few to fit back in their respective boxes, and lug them all back upstairs to the closet they hibernate in.  There are also a few household chores to get caught up.  

In part, she came down from the Northwest to get away from the snow, rain, ice & cold, and what happens, we have lots of rain, and cold (though still a good 20ยบ warmer than her home), and our furnace decided to go on the fritz for a couple days and it was considerably cool in the house.  We used the fireplace, and Marty went out and bought a couple space heaters, and we layered up.  Now, if some of my quilt tops were quilted, we really could have been warm!

Apologies for no photos, but I only took two at R2C, and I don't think I got any of my aunt while she was here, though I had intended to.
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