Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Another Month Has Passed

The quilting mojo just has not yet returned.  I tried, by putting my bowties up on the design wall, and while they are nice to look at, I'm just not yet of a mind to start sewing.  I've been close a couple of times.

I picked up the paint chips for Bonnie Hunter's 2017 Mystery Quilt, but I lack many of the chosen colors in my stash.  I'll follow along but it's not likely I'll do it this year.  I ordered the special rulers...just in case, though she stated it isn't necessary to have them, but what the heck, I'll have them for next time. Right? 

My friend Panda is planning to do it so she went fabric shopping and I tagged along.  While I didn't get any fabric, I did pick up some Insul-Bright.  I've had it on my shopping list forever as I thought maybe I'd make some new potholders.  I've been using ones that are pretty worn out and stained; most are 21 years old or older...time for some new ones!
Panda saves her scraps for me, and had given me a bag or two that night, so I have culled through them and sorted them by color.  She tends to use brighter colors and different prints than I would, so it's nice to have some new variety in my scraps...
Bag of scraps, to get back to a sewing mood.

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Bow Tie Calculating

In July of 2013, I began my Bow Tie leaders & enders project ala Bonnie Hunter - Quiltville.  I last wrote about it January 2016, you can catch up (as I did) with this post.   I still have at most a couple dozen sets to sew into blocks.  I have 156 unique fabric blocks.  I have, if I counted correctly, an additional 203 blocks.  Of those repeat blocks, quantities are mostly 1 to 5 of each, but one of them has 18 more just like it!  
Black Tie Party, Project #043

I've calculated that the 156 uniques can be laid out, in the above pattern, at 13 rows by 12 columns, which finished will give a 39" x 36" unit.  I'm thinking I will add a 3" black border all around it.  That would bring it to 45" x 42".  Still just a bit small in my thinking, so perhaps another round of bow tie units (I obviously have no shortage of blocks), which then would bring it up to 51" x 48".  I could leave it at that, or add yet another two rows all around, maybe alternating the direction of the blocks.  I would have to cut and construct 3 additional blocks though...again, all depending on if my initial count, and calculations are accurate.  I'm not known for counting accurately!

Saturday, October 7, 2017


I last worked on Quiltville's 2016 Mystery Quilt, En Provence, all the way back in April, nearly six months ago to the day.  I haven't worked on any other quilting projects during that time either.  I need to review the process to mentally catch up on where I left off.
I unearthed the components shown above, and my project sheet where I keep track of fabrics, and time spent sewing.
I also unearthed this bin with part of the components, and those brown bags have other to just remember where I left off.  I'm contemplating diving back in and working on it some more.  I know the 2017 Mystery Quilt will kick off with colors and fabric requirements in just a few weeks, though I will have to decide if I want to participate this year or just save and print the instructions and vicariously follow along.  

When I say I "unearthed" these, you would have to see this room to understand.  I've been spending more time on genealogy, and I have papers everywhere and beyond.  Additionally, with the passing of Marty's father, I've been scanning photos to send to his brother who is planning to put together a picture-video memorial.  I need a bigger house (said tongue-in-cheek) where I can have dedicated rooms for my individual hobbies.  Regardless of which I'm doing, I have to pick/clean it up in order to work on the other.  

And I still have that grandson's quilt to quilt and bind, and then get started on the granddaughter's!  I really need to get my head back in the game.

Saturday, September 23, 2017

A Quilt Show

I went to a quilt show yesterday with my friend Panda, and another friend of hers whom I met for the first time.  We had a very nice time overall.

In the past, this quilt show was held near the Burbank (aka Bob Hope) Airport.  A few years ago, it moved to Pasadena.  Last year the show did not occur at all as a different, big craft show had just been at the new venue within weeks of its regular time, which was always in March.  There may have been other reasons too, of which I'm not aware.  This year, it was scheduled for September.  We had great expectations that it would be the same as in the past, though we knew it was only being held over two days, where in the past it was three or four days.  Sadly, there seemed to be far fewer vendors, and maybe even a smaller number of quilts than in past years.  

The boutique had an impressive amount of boxes of fabric sorted by color fabric for $2/pound.  To my eyes, it was all maybe 1980s-90s fabrics or older, perhaps stuff that had been donated to the guild by deceased members or members who just wanted to clear old stuff from their stashes.  We didn't take the time to go through any of it - our own stashes perhaps need to be down-sized!!

We enjoyed what quilts were there and I'll now post the few pictures of some I especially enjoyed. The following photos were all taken at the 2017 Glendale Quilt Show.


#108 statement


#107 statement


#013 statement


#100 statement


#135 statement


#084 statement

My only purchase at the show aside from admission and parking, was for a half-yard of this fabric:

The selvedge reads: Place of Origin: Division of RJR Fabrics, Designer: Sarah Watts/Wattsalot, Collection Name and Description: Cat Lady meow-meow-meow-meow-meow-meow, Season: Fall 2015 and made in Japan
Will have to see where this ends up in the future...maybe in a Bonnie Hunter Mystery Quilt?  Wonder if she'll use any pink this year.  I think it makes a good neutral with an added pop of pink.  Maybe it'll fit into a quilt for my granddaughter.

After the show we went to the Bear Pit BBQ.  I'd never been there before, and I enjoy BBQ.  It was a nice meal, and tasted great!  Then we headed home, Panda dropped me off and I took a nap.  I was tired, having ridden in a car for 10 hours the day before.  I sure slept well last night!  I developed an eye problem while in Arizona and think that is tiring me some as well.  I saw an eye doc while in AZ and he diagnosed it as posterior vitreous detachment - it will heal eventually.  Very thankful it wasn't a related tear or retinal detachment, that would have been more serious.  I do have an annoying small dark floater which I hope eventually disappears or lightens.  It's like looking at a gnat with your peripheral vision :/

Sunday, July 30, 2017

Not a Lick

I've not sewn a stitch, cut a strip, nor fondled a piece of fabric in quite awhile, though I may have shuffled a bit of fabric once or twice, and straightened up a stack or two in my stash closet after a kitty decided to take a nap and readjust her 'nest'.
Flame, knowing Mom's not happy with her location choice for a nap.
Clearly, I'm taking a break from all things quilty, and bloggy, though it was not a purposed break.  It will probably be this way for awhile yet.

In a couple weeks, Nick and I will be headed in one direction for a two or three week trip which will take us to an area where we should see the eclipse fully though that's not our purpose, but rather it's where family lives, and Marty will be taking a week's time and heading to a different state specifically for that purpose with his photog buddies.  Oregon is warning of huge numbers of tourists bombarding the state, so I'm not looking forward to the actual drive up.  Nick wants to take the coastal route, though it'll take two or three days...we may be sleeping in the car.

Several decades ago, I was an Artcraft Concepts party demonstrator.  I didn't do many parties, but I sure managed to purchase plenty of kits.  I've worked on sorting through those that I still have and am trying to disconnect from my attachments to them.  Some projects are in original packaging, some opened but not worked on, some partially worked on, some completed with leftover instructions and materials. Here's a sampling:
counted cross stitch
'quilted' purse and eyeglass case
soft-sculpture Godfrey Gobler Thanksgiving decor (pattern and leftover materials).  Hmm, I wonder where Godfrey is stored?
Pumpkin Pals - soft-sculpture pumpkins (partially done)
Plastic Canvas & yarn... instructions only
macrame towel holder (ivory) [barely started]
veggie refrigerator magnets, plastic canvas is missing
I have a Santa's Village that was yarn and plastic canvas too.  I'd cut out all the pieces in readiness to stitch, some are stitched (it's 3-dimensional), and then decided I no longer wanted to display Santa-related items, so boxed it all up and there it has remained except for the once a decade or so attempt at sorting through the kits.  I liked their kits, they were almost all better quality than the store-bought kits.  Unfortunately, the company is out of business.  I wrote a bit about Artcraft and the Magi embroidery kit back in 2011 on my DOOW blog.  You can read about it here.  That project is finally close to being finished...I ran out of the darkest red thread and needed to located something close...with just a 3" section left to finish!  Had they still been in business, I'd have only had to contact them, and they'd have sent more at no charge.  Oh well, time passes and little remains the same.  I think I'm ready to pass these on.

Sunday, June 18, 2017


That's not what you think!  I haven't been drinking!

I've been inventorying some things lately.  I started on my quilt books yesterday, and today I was flipping through one and saw the image of a hammer with the striking area covered with fabric.  

What? We use hammers in our quilting?  The book is Reversible Quilts by Anita Murphy and was published in 1991.  The excerpt reads:

"After all your blocks are joined sew rows together with connecting strips in same manner.  Trim batting.  If you still have a lot of bulkiness at the intersections, cover a small hammer with a bit of fabric and batting, Fig 7 [that's the hammer image], then give the intersection a tap with the hammer.  It should help eliminate a lot of bulkiness to allow you to handstitch the connecting strip."

There you have it.  Add a hammer to your quilting supplies and when you have too much intersection bulk, give it a whack tap.  

Have a blessed Sunday!

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Oh Who's Counting?

Well, how do you like that? It's been nearly another month since I've posted.  And I don't have anything to show that's been done during that time, so I'll just leave it at that.  I'm still alive and kickin' as they say, just otherwise pre-occupied.

I got out on Saturday to a quilt show in a valley not too far away, only took one photo and it's on my phone..somewhere.  My friend Panda went with me, well, actually I suppose it would be more correct to say I went with her since she drove, but it was my idea to go ;p  We had a great time together, even if my lower back decided to start barking joining the chorus of my feet's complaints.  It didn't help that I discovered my shoe's sole was coming apart.  Better than my soul coming apart!  

Oh! I did buy some fabric.  I bought a charm pack of Moda's Bee Inspired line, and a charm pack (gift for my daughter) of Moda's Sugar Plum Christmas line because it had gingerbread boys on the top fabric and we've had this gingerbread boy thing going on since she was a little girl.

Nick's graduation is coming up on the 1st, along with my daughter and family coming in from Texas the week prior, and I've no place to put them!  So you likely won't see me on here for another month while I figure out where and how to rearrange.
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