Thursday, December 8, 2016

While I Wait

Clue #3 of Quiltville's En Provence will be released in the morning, but I'm ready to head to bed...about midnight.  I'm watching a Hallmark Movie, "Girlfriends of Christmas Past".  It's silly, and it's vindictive in it's plot, but yet I've been watching it while I finish sewing up Clue #2 and I'd like to see the predictable ending.  

Makes me smile.
I played around a little with the current clues.  Doesn't that make a cute windmill-type pattern?  I could stop here and make it into a table topper, couldn't I?  Future potential perhaps.  I'm really looking forward to finding out which color(s) we'll be cutting into tomorrow and just how we'll cut them.

For all of you who are on the east coast and get at least a 3-hour head start, enjoy while I'll still be snoozing away.  Since it's so late, I may even sleep in.  I'm sure I'll see lots of your progress in the morning.


  1. That is a cute arrangement!

    I'm looking forward to the new clue, too. I love the anticipation involved in the whole mystery.

  2. Interesting way to set the Tri-Recs. I'm like you ... if nothing else, I'll find a way to use the units in something.


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