Monday, December 5, 2016

Monday Link-Ups; 05 December 2016

Looking back in time, today was the due date for my daughter's birth, but she made her appearance five weeks earlier.  That was 35 years ago.  So hard to believe how quickly those years have flown by!  And speaking of flying by, the En Provence mystery quilt time is flying by.  

I'm in no hurry to finish each step, I'm already ahead of where I was last year with Allietare, so I can't complain (no whining, remember?).  I've been working on it while catching up on some of the Hallmark Christmas movies I've been recording.  Love being able to breeze through the commercials...perhaps I should record ALL the shows I watch just for that reason.

Four Patches, and Peaky & Spike components
Do you remember Darlene Zimmerman?  I believe she coined the term "peaky & spike" for the units Bonnie has us cutting and sewing using our magenta constant and neutrals.  For me, it's easier to refer to them by that term.  The "peak" would be the central neutral piece, and the "spike" are the side, magenta units.  I wasn't initially crazy about my magenta, but I think I'm beginning to like it even if it does seem like it's more of a hot pink than magenta.
4Ps (Four Patches)
My four patch units are very scrappy.  I think one of my favorites is the square with the Scottie dogs.  I'm not sure why, but they do remind me of my mom.  She never had a Scottie, but she did give me a plastic Scottie dog pin that had been hers as a child.
Peaky & Spike
I haven't sewn any of the Peaky & Spike units.  I cut them out just last night, being very careful to cut accurately.  Pinned on the design wall they at least look like they should fit together, if I can sew them accurately, I'll have it made!
Close-up of Peaky & Spike
While I was cutting these, I couldn't help but think how nice it would have been to have yardage of this particular neutral.  It's background color is the yummiest looking sweet cream shade, and then those soft pink (magenta?) roses with green stems and leaves, oh, I just love that fabric!  It would be so perfect to have had this as a constant fabric for these units.  

Linking to both Patchwork Times for Design Wall Monday, and to Quiltville's Mystery Monday Link-up. 

I need to get to the grocer, and then get some bookkeeping done today, and it's my day to spend a couple hours with my friend Panda, so I won't be getting much sewn until evening.  We won't even discuss how much housework needs to be done!


  1. That floral IS pretty! Right up my street.

  2. I never watch live TV for just that reason - the ads drive me crazy. I tape everything and watch it later. It saves time because programs are much shorter when you cut out the ads.

    Your Peaky & Spike look great!

  3. Beautiful fabric, especially like those floral neutrals. And I agree that those special pieces, like your Scotties really add to the quilt.

  4. Peaky & Spike. ...... Doreen Speckman, I think!


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