Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Slow Flight to France

Hah, no, I'm not really taking a flight to France, but I decided to finally post my potential fabrics for doing this year's Quiltville mystery quilt, En Provence (see sidebar link).  Flash photography causes the colors to 'change' and show differently on fabric vs. paper...these fabrics really do match the paint chips better in real life.  We (Panda & I) found the paint chip cards with variable shades as well.
The magenta pink.
I have a piece of the same magenta pink fabric Bonnie showed.  She stated that she chose the paint chip Hibiscus because her Lowe's didn't have a chip that was as dark.  Hibiscus is the upper left chip.  Looking in the gradient cards, we found Very Berry (lower left) and Adored & Very Cherry (center two on right) that matched the fabric quite well.  I still need to go find and purchase a pink because I don't have enough of the one shown for the constant.  I have one other same-color piece but even if I used both, it wouldn't be enough.
Look who's joined me while I'm preparing this post.  Flame has curled up nicely on the freshly washed, not yet folded, fabric I purchased to use for the backing on En Provence.
In the photo, the one purple looks more blue, it's iffy, as is the one directly beneath it which is a little dull or brown to my eyes.
Garden Spot
My greens didn't photograph well either.  The ones that look lighter, are actually closer to the tone of the chips than those darker appearing ones.
I can say the same about the yellows.  Some of these are iffy - one possibly too lemony.  The one on the left second from the top looks like one in Bonnie's image, so I'm leaving it in for now even though it doesn't look remotely close.  Afternoon is the lightest color chip shown.
My neutrals are becoming scarce without cutting into actual yardage.  Working towards the goal of eliminating as many smallest to largest scrap/chunks/pieces as possible before cutting into yardage, if I can.  Frankly, I'm getting real tired of the same-o, same-o neutrals, so will be really happy when they're gone and I can work with fresh fabrics.
I have very little in the way of any shade of lavender, and this is the sum total of my lavenders including yardage!  And again, the photo doesn't reflect the true colors.  I may have to add to this collection.

There you have it - my fabrics in contention for En Provence.  I'm looking forward to this.  Depending on the final reveal, I may turn it into two smaller quilts rather than leave it at the posted size.  These aren't "my" colors, but I'm up to the challenge of being pulled from my comfort zone, so will stick with them, and if I really don't like the end result, I know who those are of my family and friends who love purple and pink and it may become theirs...or a donation to the local guild perhaps to use as an opportunity quilt.

While I'm waiting for the first clue, I have plenty to do yet on Allietare, and with my aunt still planning to come down for Road to California in January...I have a house to get in order!

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  1. Photographing is always a mystery to me, with the colors of fabrics reflecting light differently than their surroundings, or in this case the paint chips. Interesting colors for this quilt along, not my colors either, but I'll bet the finished quilt will be very pretty.


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