Monday, November 7, 2016

Design Wall Monday - 07 November 2016

These weeks are passing far too rapidly!  Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and Christmas will be right behind it.  I told Marty a couple days ago that we should encourage Nick to work on Thanksgiving if the day is offered to him, and then we'll go to that restaurant for dinner...and I won't have to mess with kitchen duties that day.  Not sure that idea took off.

So, on my design wall today is still the same as last week, but I have made progress.  Half, plus the central row, of Allietare is sewn into two-row segments.  Who knew pinning to get the points just right would be such a time-consuming factor.
Here is the corner section after pressing.
Two more seams to sew on this half (above) for this portion to be done.
My chief quilt examiner says "do you like my hat?".  She was seriously inspecting those blocks just moments before.

Housework, and taming clutter is still did it get so far behind, and what do I do with all that needs to go?  Trash, recycle, donate,'s all calling.  My aunt will be here in January, and I'd like to have made substantial headway by then.  

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  1. Allietare is looking good. I'm in cleaning mode, as well. I had three month's worth of receipts that needed filing.

  2. It's amazing how having company motivates us to get extra projects done. Your Allietare quilt is going to be beautiful. Love your colors.

  3. Your points look perfect to me, and the chief quilt inspector there! I know the feeling about all that cleaning, and filing, and grocery shopping, and laundry, and, and, and it never seems to end!

  4. Your Allietare is looking pretty spectacular. It seems there is always more to do outside of the sewing room. It's a good thing I can just close my door to all.


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