Monday, October 31, 2016

Design Wall Monday - 31 Oct 2016

Allietare just hung around on the design wall for a few days while I started gathering my supplies for En Provence.  As promised yesterday though, I have a photo or two of the progress I've made in getting blocks sewn to rows.
Half of Alllietare.
With the blocks sewn into rows, it is already looking less busy.  My neutrals lean heavier toward white, than cream and my gray is a lighter medium. 
Pinned Allietare rows.
Waiting to be sewn are the remaining rows.  They were all pinned just this morning.  It's a busy day for me, so wanted to get them done at least to this point for a photo.
Not much to see, but for En Provence.
This blue bin above, holds all the yardage, FQs, chunks and strips I've pulled for En Provence.  That does not mean they will be used, but they are contenders.  As the first cutting clue won't be for nearly a month, I don't know what size strips will be used for any given unit, but pulled what I have available anyway.  They can always go right back into the strip bins awaiting use in their forever quilt when that day comes.  

I'm sticking with this year's colors, and neutrals, which are about all that can be seen in the bin because they were the last to be pulled.  I think I'm a bit shy on neutrals and/or may want more variety.  I could cut into true yardage, but I usually start with the smallest bits of fabric and work up to the larger hoping that some day, all the "scraps" will dwindle.  Who am I kidding? :)

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  1. Go Alletaire! I really liked it after it was together. I am having problems with this year's colors. My stash does not HAVE them! So I will have to alter the plan. Did your stash have enough of those colors?

  2. Scraps never dwindle, they multiply when the lights go out! I'm sure of it. I've been making scrappy quilts for over two years now and even given some away to the church quilt ministry with no appreciable drop in the piles around here.


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