Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Buttons & Rips

Yesterday yielded no further progress on Allietare, but late in the evening, Marty came to me to show me a pair of shorts he wears a lot, and he was complaining that the button came off.  What he was really doing, was "asking" if I'd put the button back on.  He said he wouldn't know how!  Here, let me show you, lol.  No, I didn't say that, but sure wanted to.  Marty and I both have added a few (?) pounds this past year, and these shorts seem to be rather snug on him.  Maybe it's time for him to find some with elastic waists.
When I set the button down to take a photo, I realized I'm going to have to find a new button.  It isn't just that the button needs to be sewn back on, the whole center of this button is gone.  Elastic's looking better!
And while I'm having to do mending...something all quilters love (said NO quilter ever!)...I suppose it's time to fix this small tear in his denim pants.  It's probably been a couple years since he handed them to me, but I couldn't find my iron-on denim patches, and finally remembered to buy some just recently.  He has a tendency to get hung up on barb-wired fences when he goes out to the Sierras to shoot photography...this isn't the first pair, and won't be the last.

I'm off to find a replacement button.

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