Saturday, October 22, 2016

Wait, What's That?

I was toodling (or is it tootling?) along today, working on Allietare.  That's twice in one week :) 

Wait! What? What's this
Something's not right!
Did you notice this from my post on Wednesday?  I sure didn't.  Until I started lining up the other piece that's supposed to match up to it to make a single unit.

Clearly this cannot be right!
No. No, it was not right.  How did I miss that?  I'd pinned the units almost two months ago, and didn't look at them again before sewing.  But when I went to iron them, while having the other unit at hand to press also, it was obvious I'd made a mistake...on every one of the units.  So I sat back down, pulled out my little pointy scissors I use for UNsewing and fixed that little problem.  That unit with the black square is supposed to be rotated once more to the left so that the black square is in the upper left of that square unit. 
That's better.  It reminds me of the 'winged' seeds of a maple tree. 
The diagonal section on the left would be the portion that had the mistake. It looks so much better when it's done correctly!  After I fixed it, I finished sewing all the component units together and this is the completed unit.  Bonnie said not to trim the over-hang on either side until it was sewn into place in the rows of the quilt, so I will comply.

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  1. Oops! I didn't notice. Glad you got it fixed without too much hassle.


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