Friday, October 21, 2016

A Warning

I'm not really prompt and consistent about opening my blog emails, but I did check it today.

I have one that seems rather suspicious, so I wanted to warn anyone reading my blog.  

I received an email from an identity "Sandy Weaver".  The return email identifies as "quiltincats@....".  I don't know if this is a legitimate person or not, though it sounds like a blog name I've seen, so I'm suspecting it IS, however, I suspect her account has been spoofed.  The only content in the message was "Hi webduckduck" and a link (which I NEVER open in questionable emails).

So, if you are, or you know Sandy Weaver or 'quiltincats', please have her look into changing her password and/or whatever it takes to make sure she isn't unknowingly being used as a pawn in spreading malicious emails by unscrupulous individuals.  Hopefully, she's already been made aware since 'her' email came in almost a week ago.

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