Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Not Gone...But Maybe Forgotten

I've not fallen off the face of the earth.  I've just not been in a quilty groove of late.  I am still working on Allietare when I do sew, and some more has been accomplished.  I last left off back in early September with having pinned the block elements of the second block.  And that's how the project remained until Monday, when I put in an hour of sewing time.  Here are the results:
These units sewn together.
More sewn units.  These will be trimmed even with the red eventually.

These were sewn too!

As were these...and these were the simplest with just the plain seam.

And we can't forget these.

The basic block layout.  All the units are stacked in order.
I now need to press the sewn units, then do some more pinning before sewing.  After that, the three 'rows' of the blocks can be pinned, sewn, pressed, and then I'll be able to lay them out on the design wall and start pinning and sewing into rows, which will eventually become a flimsy!  

At this rate, as I've heard the rumblings that this year's mystery colors, etc. will be released soon, I will not have this one done before then.  Interestingly, just today on my real me facebook, I checked the On This Day feature, and in 2014, the Grand Illusion mystery quilt information was released.  So I'm expecting for this year's to show up any day.  I caught one of Bonnie's recent posts where she said her new triangle tool was going to be used for it; I hope it's not a requirement.  At this time, I have no plans to purchase it (I believe she's out of stock but it's on order), and with my lack of quilting mojo, may just follow along this year, while I slowly finish working on Allietare!


  1. Slow and steady gets there in the end.

    I'm also expecting the colour announcement for the next one soon. But even though Bonnie will use her new ruler, I'm sure she will cater to the thousands of us who will use other techniques because we won't have her ruler.

  2. Thank you for blogging I enjoy reading


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