Monday, July 11, 2016

Quilt Camp Blues

At this time during the previous three summers, I enjoyed going to quilt camp near Sisters, Oregon.  Last year was especially hot, and a large number of ladies had come.  There were some gals, very sweet and lovely, yet they had a habit of humming.  Stuff like that doesn't bother 'normal' people, but I have least that's what I'm learning about myself...because it bothered me to the point of going out and buying a personal CD player to which I attached my noise-canceling headphones and listened to my own music.  Sometimes perfumes and fragrances bother me - vanilla of all things, and that was worn by another gal last year.  I also wanted to spend a little more summer-time with my son this year as he's going to be a Senior in high school.

I suppose I was just feeling I didn't want to bother with attempting to tolerate those issues this year, nor making others feel bad by my efforts to block out the things that bothered me, along with having been gone from home just a couple months ago, that I decided to not go this year.  My cousin-in-law, who is the acting Dean this year over the group, has been posting pix on social media, and I'm almost regretting that I didn't go.

The hummers didn't sign up this year, the group is only 17-strong, and the weather is down right perfect for quilting with temps in the 60s.  They've even had some rain and lit a fire in the meeting room stove!!  Instead of Wednesday through Sunday noon, camp was extended for those who desired until Wednesday - a whole week of quilting and relaxing.  Yep, I'm thinking I'm singing the blues about having stayed back this year.  

There's always next year, Lord willing.  I'll be planning for that ... hoping my quilting mojo returns!


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  1. I have a friend who doesn't like music played while she sews, blames it on Adult ADD. I, on the other hand, have music in my head all the time. I do have a problem with odors, though, and gave up on fragrances a long time ago. Maybe next year I'll be available to go with you!


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