Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Design Wall Monday - Week 24, (20 June 2016): LATE!!

Better late than never; my posts are sporadic at best, but I'm not ready to call it quits.

Not directly on my design wall - that's the same as last week with the two Allietare blocks - but on the pinning tables!  Close enough.

My friend Panda was at my house yesterday because she had a small quilt that needed to be pinned and I have two tables that can be set up side-by-side.  So while the tables were up, I decided I could get the quilt for grandson (who is now almost six) pinned.  That's at least one step closer to being finished.  
Tiddly Winks
I gave all the information on this pattern way back in this post from May 2015.  Yeah, I'm slow as molasses.  That may be my new nickname.

Panda then treated Nick and I to dinner (Marty's out of town on business) at a favorite local Chinese restaurant...oh yum, and there are a few leftovers in my fridge that I plan to go have for lunch as soon as I post this.  

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