Monday, July 18, 2016

Design Wall Monday - Week 29, 18 July 2016

The weeks are slipping by.  I won't be posting much over the next couple of weeks (no surprise?) as Nick and I will be headed to the wet land in just a few days, staying at my aunt's when we get there.  She has limited band-width, so I will do my part in the consideration area and not use up her allotment!

I squeezed some sewing in this past week, though not as much as I should have.  I was working on the gray/neutral/black corners for the one block of Allietare.
Bonnie had us press the seams a specific way on this but that just wasn't working for me.  So my 'compromise' was to do something I often do when I'm attempting to match up triangle points, I snipped into the seams so that I could see the points I was trying to match up.  Prior to snipping the seam, I tried just placing the pins, and drawing a little line where the first pin went in, but that was really a pain, not to mention finding the point in the first place and keeping the seems nestled.  The pair of scissors I use is not very pointy which keeps me from accidentally snipping the seam. 
I apologize for the blurry photos, seems my camera just didn't want to focus well.  You should still be able to see that I stick a pin straight into the point, then - what you can't see - stick it into the other piece's point that it'll match up to.  See how I laid the snipped portion of the seam in the opposite direction, thereby leaving the rest of the seam as Bonnie instructed so that it can match up later.  I find by snipping and laying this way, that the point seams nestle better too - less bulk.  I've done this often in projects, and have never had a problem with the seams opening. 
With the first pin still straight into the points, I then take more pins, placing on either side of the seam and pin the pieces together.  This keeps the seams and points in their properly aligned places.
This shows the first pin from the back side and how it is aligned with the point on the second piece. 
Now, with the points and seam properly aligned, when I sew the two components together I don't have to guess whether I'll hit the point or not, I can SEE where I'm hitting, because face it, my 1/4-inches aren't always perfect in order to just line up the edges of the fabric and run them through at a scant 1/4" - I do a lot of wiggling and adjusting when I sew, and in the end, it all comes out right and flat.  It's amazing how off things can be by just a thread here, or a thread there.

That's what's on (off) my design wall this week.  When I get back, I'll get those seams sewn - they're only pinned at the moment, and then I can begin connecting all the components so that they become actual blocks.

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  1. It's just maddening when you cut and sew carefully, and triangle points STILL get chopped off, isn't it?! Whatever works for you is the right way to do it, IMO. Have fun on your trip.


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