Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Wasn't In The Mood

On Monday, I posted what was on my design wall and that to finish Step 4 of Allietare, I needed only to sew the seams of the matched sets of headless geese, the units with the black, red, and neutral - the halves were termed headless geese because they're similar to flying geese blocks, but they don't meet at center.

I clearly was not in the mood, or mindset to be working on sewing.  The time just dragged by.  It seemed more a tedious chore to do all those seams, and then press, than the joy it should have been.  After a little over two hours I had accomplished my task, and was thankful it was done.  Quilting mojo will eventually return...I hope!
A sample of how the block will look.  I'm happy.  All seams came out well and I didn't have to rework any of them.  I think the next step has me putting together the black square with the gray & neutral triangle blocks for the corner sets of the other block. 

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