Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Unexpected Pleasures

A couple of days ago, when I first found out that Bonnie Hunter was going to be in a town not too far away, I determined to go so I could see her presentation.   I asked my friend Panda if she'd like to go, but she already had plans.

Panda and I are meeting on Mondays to see how we're each doing on Allietare.  When I got there she was cutting some of the first units to make a first block wanting to be sure she likes her color choices.   She's using pinks and purples in lieu of the golds and reds.  
Part 1 triangle squares...and trimmings
I had managed to get about a quarter of the first step done and made sure they all measured correctly and trimmed the dog ears.  

Panda let me know that her original plans may fall through, and they did, so she was free to join me in going to hear Bonnie.  What a treat, we BOTH get to go! 

We left, allowing lots of time expecting freeway congestion as it was rush hour, but as my husband mentioned earlier in the day, being a holiday traffic would be lighter, and it was.  We arrived an hour early which gave us plenty of time to go grab a bite to eat.  We quickly found an Outback Steak House, where I enjoyed a bowl of baked potato soup and a side Caesar salad - perfect combo.

We arrived at the meeting, and met Bonnie right away as she was selling and autographing her books - how could I resist?  The problem was, I knew I had two of her books, I just couldn't remember which ones, so I picked one up, flipped through and figured it was one I didn't have - she also said it was her most recent and I knew I didn't have that one yet.  I made my purchase and then she obliged me with a picture.  I'm not usually a "star struck" kind of person, but Bonnie Hunter I think is an exception.  I LOVE her scrappy quilts and the challenge to use from my stash. Do you know that her quilts look even better in person?  Flat photography, no matter how good, just doesn't do them justice.  And I'm still amazed at how much she accomplishes with such a busy schedule.

I know many out there have already been to some of her events, or been on cruises and other adventures with her so you know what I mean when I say she is very personable, warm, passionate and unpretentious.  She is truly a gift to the quilting world.  We thoroughly enjoyed her presentation and are so happy we could both go. 

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