Thursday, February 18, 2016

Oh Those Triangle Squares

Yesterday was my day to visit my padawan.  We mostly just sat and chatted, but I took along my Alllietare project to show her.  

It began raining yesterday about the same time I left to go over and was raining a little more by the time I came home.  I pulled in the driveway and just sat for a few minutes to take in that wonderful rain, and the sound it made hitting the car roof.  I do love the rain, and while today started still with some clouds, as forecasted the skies cleared early and we're expecting 90-degree temps again within the next couple days.  

Today, I decided I needed to catch up on some DVR recordings as I was out of space and lost a couple of recordings, so while the TV was on across from my work surface, I continued working on Part 1 of Allietare.  I'd sewn about 1/4 of the triangle squares on Monday before going over to Panda's, but hadn't sewn since.  I now have all those units done, including pressing and trimming off the dog ears.

triangle-square units
The photo seems a little washed out. My grey is a medium, and my neutrals are mostly whites and lighter creams.  

I'm not sure how soon I'll start Part 2.  I don't want to get too far ahead of Panda.  Easy for me to do as I will sit and keep working non-stop, while she has her days filled with other activities so may not get as much done as quickly.  I'm happy to be working on this.  I see so many beautiful ones out in blogland, and of course, saw Bonnie's in person on Monday night.  I think it's my favorite of the four (including this one) I've done of her mystery quilts.

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  1. I know what you mean. When I get into the zone, there is no stopping until I finish what I am working on.


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