Sunday, December 6, 2015

Stash Report Sunday - Week 49, 2015

There has been a little change in my numbers this week.

On Tuesday, I went along with my friend Panda to Joann's.  She was looking for fabric for pillow cases, which she later showed me how to make.  As Christmas fabrics were all on sale, I found a nice generic gold and green stripe that had only a little left on the bolt.  That added the 1.33 yards to my stash. 

Yesterday, I made two Christmas pillowcases for my grandchildren, and that took out 2.2 yards of fabric from my stash.  While I'm still in the red this year, the total did shrink just a little. 

I also resumed work on Subtle Charm, which I'll post about tomorrow, and if I can get the borders on this week, then I'll have a bigger reduction in next week's numbers. 

Two pillow cases.
Used This Week: 2.2 yards
Used Year to Date:  13.6 yards  
Added This Week:  1.33 yards
Added Year to Date: 58.02 yards  
Net Used / Added for 2015: 44.42 yards

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A brief run-through of the basics in making these pillow cases...and my goofs! I mentioned the goof on the first one yesterday.
 Ruh-roh, we have a problem.  That trim flap is...
 ...supposed to be between the cuff and the body on this side.
 Time to make a brief list: All fabrics right side up. 
Cuff fabric first.
 Topped with body fabric - see the cuff fabric underneath?
Then the trim - all three fabrics now where they belong.  It was a real pain to have to undo the seam when I goofed.  I'd put the trim in between the cuff and the body - oops!
Roll up the body.
 Fold the lower half of the cuff to make raw edges meet, pin and sew.
After pulling it open, it is then folded with wrong sides together.  I pinned only this section as I wanted the trim and cuff seams to align.  I then sewed all along the side and bottom before turning inside out.  The reason this was sewn with wrong sides together is because I'm making French seams.
Once it was turned, another seam is sewn, which encases the first seam so that there are no raw edges anywhere, along the side and bottom.  It can then be turned back to right sides out and you have a beautiful pillow case.  I'm so glad I learned how to do this, and if I can keep my mind focused, will do them correctly each time in the future.  I showed them to Nick, and he thought they were really, really cool, so when he goes to school tomorrow, I just may make a couple for him as a Christmas gift.  He needs new pillows too and likes big ones so I'll have to make his larger than 'standard'.

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  1. Your grandkids are going to love their pillow cases. Those pillow cases are super fast to make.


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