Monday, December 7, 2015

Design Wall Monday, December 07, 2015

One of the best things about Mondays is checking in at Patchwork Times to see what everyone is working on.  Being that it's December there are some of Bonnie Hunter's Allietare mystery showing up among the links.  I'm planning on doing it, just not yet.  I think today, I'll head out and see if I can find an acceptable gray for that project though.

On Saturday and Sunday I accomplished quite a bit on Subtle Charm, getting all the blocks into rows and then the rows sewn together.  It currently measures 61.5 x 73.5 and still needs borders.  The inner border will be 2" finished, and the outer border will be 3.75" finished.

Looking at it from one angle.

...and from the other angle.  That's as close as I've come to getting a picture of Flame 'bowing' to me ;p

This quilt is certainly living up to its descriptive "Subtle" with the fabrics I chose.  It leaves me feeling rather blah! Between my cutting and sewing, there seemed to be a lot of small alignment issues where I had to stretch or ease to get the points lined up, but once quilted and on a bed, I don't think the 'less than perfectly flat' areas will show much.  There are a lot of seams making for quite a bit of thickness in areas so I had to manipulate some of those areas too.  I'm reserving my full opinion on this piece until I get the borders on...maybe I'll like it better then.

I was planning to use this on our bed, but it's colors fit more with the living room furniture. 

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