Saturday, December 5, 2015

Something New

On Tuesday when I spent the day with my friend Panda, she showed me how to make pillowcases with the French seams.   I made my first one today.  

Some refer to the method she taught me as the 'burrito' method.  I found an online tutorial that gives the same instructions so I won't fully repeat them here.  By Googling for pillowcase instructions, you can find many tutorials, some good, some not as good.  I found this method very easy...even if I did put the 'wrong' right sides together first and had to take that seam out.  Old habits, you know, are hard to break and I'd gone into automatic mode at that point.  I'll get it right on the next one.

The 'burrito' is under the needle.

It turned out pretty well if I must say so myself.  This first one will be for my grandson for Christmas (I still don't have his quilt quilted!).  The only "imperfection" I found was the widths of the opening and the bottom seam don't match, but when it's on a pillow, who will notice right?  

The finished pillowcase on the design wall.
One of these days I'll get the flannel put up so those seams and yellow tape won't show on the wall.  It looks small, but is a standard pillow size. 
A close up of the cuff, trim, and body.
These are all Christmas fabrics from my guess what I'll get to show tomorrow as out of my stash...yes!!  As I was looking at the blue fabric, I realized it is a good piece of overall "I Spy" - he'll keep busy looking for the snowman, a baseball, a boat, a gingerbread cookie, football, toy soldier, and many other items.  Fun, fun, fun.  And I think I'll send it with instructions to open as soon as they get the package.

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  1. I love the burrito method. It takes some thought when I haven't done one in a while, but makes a nice finished product. Your GS will love it!


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