Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Design Wall, What Day?, Monday!

I'm a day late.  I've heard that's better than being never, though better never late is better.

First, I'll show these because they were actually pinned to my design wall yesterday...just long enough to be photo'd.  These are the pillow cases I made for my daughter and her husband.  
My daughter and I had a tradition of making gingerbread cookies when she was with me as a child.  We don't get to spend Christmas together now due to 1200 miles of geography between us, but I try to keep the tradition alive in small ways like this, finding gingerbread cookies on fabric, or plates, or ornaments, etc.
The real reason though for the delay in not posting yesterday was I had an agenda, and that was to get this monkey off my back.
Subtle Charm.  At last, the borders were going on and I was dreading it, all for naught, as they went on very well.  I took my measurement down the center, cut my needed lengths, and had to do NO stretching or fudging, and all the points played nice too. 
There were two borders, of the same fabrics as the center to tie it all together.  If I remember right, the binding will also be the mottled green if you can envision that on the edges. 
I haven't planned the backing yet.  I have quite a bit of the four fabrics left over but haven't tallied to see if it is equal to 2 1/4 yards of 108" backing fabric.  I also have a yard of the gold floral fabric that is the same as the green and the tan. It'll be on the back, so a different color doesn't bother me if I need to use it.  Looking forward to showing this as fabric out on Sunday :)

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