Saturday, October 24, 2015

Closet Cleaning

I'm attempting to clean out the smaller of two closets in my guest room.  It's become an overflow of bags & bags of miscellaneous fabrics, most of which were given to me at various times over the past 15 years or so.  I have labeled bags of odds and ends of batting too. 
The bed covered in the bags of fabric.  Don't you love that ugly old blanket on the bed.  It's been around since the 1970s!
I keep trying to justify that I need to keep these because 'I'll get to a project(s) some day', when the reality is, I haven't touched them in over a decade and probably won't.  I planned to make skirts and/or tunics out of some of the fabrics - and both are a much-needed commodity in my clothes closet.  Time to go through the fabric bags again.
The closet shelf stuffed with bags of batting - all various remnant sizes/pieces. There's also a roll of poly batt barely visible standing in the corner of the closet.  It sits atop a box of supplies from when I was doing Creative Memories albums - oh about 1999-2000.  In fact, one album is still in the protective plastic it came in and I understand CM is no longer in business.
My intent with some of the smaller pieces of batting, and some of these odd fabrics, was to make pads for cat/dog shelters and my cats' vet.  I still could, I just don't know that I'll ever get to it.  I've a lot of 'good intentions' and pretty poor follow-through.  I had other thoughts of using some of the batting to make place mats and/or pot holders.  The local guild makes placemats for the senior home.
More batting pieces in that black bag and the paper bag.

Oh, and these things came out of that closet too.  The guitar was my maternal grandfather's.  It's a small guitar, not full sized, supposedly brought back from the Panama Canal or South America - he was in the Merchant Marines before and during WWII.  He died in 1957 by his own hand; I have a few faint memories of him.  I use the white shirt boxes for my works in process.

The guitar will be Nick's whenever he leaves home if he wants it.  I have a picture of him with it when my Mom first brought it out and showed it to him when we were there one summer.  

What do you do with your batting scraps?  Are you frugal and try to piece them together for your utility quilts?  Do you save them for that some day project?  Do you throw them out without regret or the thought that they could be used?  I certainly don't want any more! I'd like to rid myself of much of this, but I'm just not sure.  If I were truly ruthless, I'd just toss them into my trash bin and be done with it.  Please don't suggest I give it to the guild...some of it came from there for a specific project that was done, and they don't want it back.  At the very least, a good portion of it needs to leave the closet, but right now, I've no where else to put it with a garage full of stuff that needs to be picked up...and all I need to do there is make a phone call and schedule it...that should be my goal for Monday! Make the call!

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  1. While I do not have any idea where to pass it on to I must admit that I save and use bating scraps. From the large pieces that get put together for lap and baby the smaller ones used in bags and place matts an pot holders and rag quilts to the trimming from those that get stuffed in a bag to stuff toys or kids and pets.


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