Monday, October 12, 2015

Design Wall Monday, Week 42, 2015

A wee little bit of stitching was squeezed into this week's goings on.  I get so very side-tracked...have you noticed that?  

The Sublte Charm blocks have now been sewn into sets of two.  Except for the six remaining on the real design wall.  The layout configuration is 5 x 6 blocks, and I guess I was thinking that since there are six rows of five, I needed to keep those six blocks to add to the end of each row.  But really?  I could have sewn them in sets of two also and looked at it as five rows of six blocks.  It should go without saying that I need to put my thinking cap on a little earlier in the game.  I can still do them, but not for this week's photos!  I'll stop rambling now and just show a photo or two.
I first laid them out on the bed diagonally - but that's not the setting, although it looks good that way.

Then I placed them on the bed in the direction they'll be set; definitely a warm-tone quilt, perhaps even drab.

A close-up of the joining seam.  They haven't been pressed yet and this is a stack of a dozen sets, so not laying flat at this point.  The points in the seam are good, though they don't look like they meet at all.

It looks like I'll have to get the ironing board cleaned off and get them pressed before I do the next stitching.  First I'll get the remaining six blocks stitched together in sets of two.  

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  1. The soft colors will be enhanced by the quilting when you get to that point, and the light will play off the loft of the quilted design. It will be very special and old-fashioned looking. I really like it.


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