Sunday, February 15, 2015

Stash Report and Quilt Run 101, Part II

Well here we have it, the finale of the quilt run.  It was a great time, and on Saturday we five began our trip driving through some heavy fog, heading straight to a restaurant called "Camp 18 Restaurant".  The log-cabin style restaurant at an old logging camp has a pretty impressive 85' long ridge pole that weighs 25 tons - massive!  The food wasn't bad either, and we fueled up sufficiently to sustain us through late afternoon. 
This sweet friendly kitty was the mascot at the restaurant.

I love the look Bigfoot's giving.  He's saying, "You're doing what?"  or maybe it's "Can I join you?" 
Our first shop stop, Center Diamond in Cannon Beach.
 This was one of the nicer more appealing to me Challenge FQ fabrics
Homespun Quilts was our second shop stop.  This shop is in Astoria. Cute inset entry area.
The front of the store.
The blue floral is the Challenge FQ. 
Our third stop,Custom Threads was the second store in Astoria.  Lots of fabric here, but a little bit of a musty smell.  They also had yarn and it appeared they also did tailoring on a regular basis. 
The giraffe print is the Challenge FQ.
Our fourth, and next to the last shop, Creative Fabric, is in Wheeler.  Good fabric choices here, and for display they have a bed with a quilt on it - nice touch!
Check out those bright umbrellas on black - yep, that's the Challenge FQ! 
We had to stop at the Tillamook Cheese factory.  I'd never been there before.  We didn't stay long as we had to get to our final destination, so a tour and cheese tasting would have to wait for another time.  We all did enjoy an ice cream though, and sat out in the sun.  There hadn't been much of the latter, though thankfully, it wasn't storming like last weekend.

This bright pink house CANNOT be missed.  And if you like pink flamingos, you have them.  I've been here twice before.
It is one of my personal favorites quilt shop.  Our final shop on the Quilt Run 101 was Jane's Fabric Patch in Tillamook.. 
My fully completed shop hop passport!  Hooray! 
Tis I in the yellow shirt, my cousin-in-law, my aunt, c-i-l's friend, and c-i-l's mom - we had a great time!  Showing off our completed passports - only c-i-l's friend had but 5 shops.
My final fabric purchases, and a wild & crazy elephants in flowers Challenge FQ!
So how did my additional totals tally?  Here it is:

Used This Week: 0 yards
Used Year to Date:  8 yards  
Added This Week:  13.58 yards
Added Year to Date: 39.69 yards  
Net Used / Added for 2015: 31.69 yards 

Linking @ Patchwork Times

I suppose I could have done a lot 'worse', and I'm hoping I'll not add any more to my stash before I can start showing some fabrics used.  With heading home on Thursday, I'll be having opportunity to sew again.  I'm looking forward to that!  Next year, should I take part in this quilt run, I have decided I just may start 'stashing' thread.  I could use it as an opportunity to get some Aurifil, or other threads often deemed to be higher quality. Do you think I could spend less that way?


  1. I doubt you'll spend less on thread! I always loved stopping by Wheeler for the great antique shops on 101. But didn't know there was a quilt shop - how could I have missed that!? Good times with good friends and fun fabric shops. Much better than the -25 degrees we've been living through here!

  2. Looks like fun! And much warmer than here. Now, get busy sewing!


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