Monday, February 16, 2015

Design Wall Wishful Thinking

I'm not home, so there is nothing on my design wall....unless my guys have a surprise for me when I get home, lol.  Come to think of it, I think I did leave a whole lotta pins stuck in my design wall.

I wanted to show you the complete set of fat quarters for the coastal Quilt Run101 Challenge quilt.  I'm not sure I'd have ever picked half of those fabrics for anything, but I would love to see the projects from those who will actually get a Challenge quilt made.  I'm not so sure I will (hmm, just how many quilts have I finished in the last five years? At least one.).  The challenge quilt has to be turned in by 4/18/15 and I believe the rules stated it has to be turned in to any one of the participating shops in person, and since I'll be home, that will be out of the question.  I may even be 1200 miles to the east around that time, as that's in the time frame for the birth of my granddaughter.
Do you think you could come up with something creatively using all of these fabrics together?  They have to be clearly identifiable on the front of the quilt, and the quilt can be no more than 144" in circumference (for a visual, that could equal a 36" square wall-hanging).  Two additional fabrics could be added.  I suppose that's why they call it a Challenge!  

All the details of the Quilt Run 101 2015 can be found here.  I believe the 'winners' shown are still those from 2014.

Linking up with Judy @ Patchwork Times and headed over to check out what's on your design wall.

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  1. That's about the most disparate batch of fabrics I've seen. Good luck!


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