Friday, February 13, 2015

Quilt Run 101 Purchases (Photos), part I

As promised, though late, I am presenting the photos of my shop hop purchases.  As I typed the title of this post, I realized that some may not know that the reference to "101" is not an educational term, but is the coastal highway (Hwy 101) on which all 14 of the shops from Astoria, OR to Brookings, OR are either on or very close to.  

We will be finishing up with the remaining five northern shops from Tillamook to Astoria tomorrow.  I don't know if we'll head straight to Astoria and finish in Tillamook - at Jane's, one of my all-time favorite shops - or if we'll begin at Jane's and hit the others as we travel north, then making haste in returning home.  

Now, on to the photos (the number with each photo is the order in which we stopped at that shop):  

(1) This is the 'passport' that we dare not lose nor forget to have stamped!  It needs all the stamps from all the stores to be eligible for all the prizes.

(9) The FQ is the Challenge fabric from this store.  They also gave out the hem guide. My fabric purchases (other than the Challenge) had a theme of sorts.  I tried to stick with Jacobean prints, or prints that would mix well with them.

(9) You can see by the time stamp, I checked out of this store just over three minutes before closing...we were racing to get this store out of the way so we'd have fewer to do this next Saturday (tomorrow).
(8)  The store in Brookings provided everyone with a reusable cloth bag for their purchases.

(8) The black FQ is the Challenge fabric.  I also bought a pattern - I went back & forth on it and finally said yes.  The candy bar was another gift from them, in the pouch, which included a discount coupon (expires in May-oh well) and 2.5" full width strip.  I didn't get a pic of that strip, it's dark brown with multi-colored dots scattered all over it.

(7) Loved the two Jacobean prints here, especially the white/gray one.  That very colorful, large scale is the Challenge FQ.  It's a Bethany Reynolds Stack-N-Whack fabric.   The candies were gifted by the store.

(6) I found a white on cream neutral, and the black/red/white Jacobean.  The multi-colored in the upper right is the Challenge FQ.  Look what else I found!  A needle nanny, just like the ones Barbara at Cat Patches was offering as a prize when she was hostessing her NewFO challenges each month.  The magnets on that kitty are very strong - so strong, they are almost impossible to tug apart without sliding them to do so.  The fabric pieces with the green pipe cleaner were the store's gift to patrons.  It's two 6-inch squares (or thereabouts).

(3) The chevron FQ is for the Challenge.  The other was as close as I could find to a Jacobean print at this store, and it's a neutral.  There's also the paisley/Jacobean white tonal that almost got lost in this picture.

(4) Hmmm, another auto-rotated photo :/   OK, so the blue and the gold aren't Jacobean but I just fell in love with the line!  The gray/black is Jacobean, and the turquoise with chain-link rows is the Challenge FQ.

(1) By the time we reached the first store, I decided I should have a plan of attack at these shops rather than just going in willy-nilly.  I think having a plan, helped to keep my spending under control, though at $11.50 plus or minus per yard, it isn't hard for the pocket book to take a big hit.  14 shops, a couple yards of fabric at each, or a pattern and some FQs, and there goes the budget.  So here, I found the pattern first.  From the pattern decided what I wanted to start looking for in fabric, and decided I'd do Jacobean prints, though I'm not really sure they'll endup paired with this pattern after all - we'll see.  The two FQs on the left are my prints, though the floral one is more a stylized 'Jacobean' and the other leans a little more paisley.  That very strange gold in the upper right corner, yeah, that's the Challenge FQ.  Are you starting to wonder how on earth an attractive Challenge quilt could be made from the Challenge FQs?  Yep, me too!!!

(5)  The Challenge FQ is actually NICE here, it's the black & white bubble-looking one.  The other black, as I was going through my purchases, I realized is the same line as the blue & gold fabrics I bought later in the day.  I just love, love the brown & black Jacobean print. 

(2)  I didn't find much here I liked and the brown/tan was the closest Jacobean I found.  The striped fabric, not bad, is the Challenge FQ.  It's the one we had to stop at the shop again on the return because I had forgotten to buy it at our first stop there.  As it turned out, everyone else still had a couple of things they wanted to pick up there, so the shop benefited from my forgetfulness.  The item that says "Quilters Flock Together" is a round folding fan; it folds like the sunshields one might use in their cars. It fits nicely in ones purse.
  There you have it.  It doesn't look like I was going overboard, but by the time you add in meals, and a motel room, and gas contributions to the driver, it does add up.  Now I'll need to see how to 'justify' the expense of quilt camp again in July.   I figure this might be my one and only opportunity to do a quilt run/shop hop of this magnitude, so I'm enjoying and not really fretting too much about the expenses.  It's most definitely mental therapy, and I had the company of three lovely ladies.  What more could I ask?  It was a great time, and we have one more day together to finish the run, and this time the weather is supposed to be a bit better too.  

My next post, hopefully will be with Sunday's stash report....and on time!


  1. It looks like sooo much fun and you were very restrained. Proud of you! Curious why you focused on Jacobean -- not exactly a hot theme these days, but I love it too.

  2. I too wondered about what those challenge fabrics will become, but they sure look cheery for the most part! Your Jacobean prints sing to me too. Enjoy the rest of your jaunt.


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