Sunday, February 8, 2015

Great Weekend, Part I

I should be posting my stash report but I don't have my numbers tallied, so it will have to wait.  Remember, I went on the coastal Quilt Run 101 this weekend and we just got back a few hours ago - in the midst of a lightning, thunder and rain storm - and then I still had to drive back from my aunt's to my dad's.  I'll try to get to that tomorrow and link up at Patchwork Times, albeit late.

Upon getting back, I checked my blog's dedicated email box and wow!! I won one of the Quiltmaker magazines offered by Bonnie Hunter at excited!  So when I get home, I'll have that to look forward to as well as playing with all my new fabric.  

I'll be posting more about the weekend trip with photos too in the next couple of days, so I will apologize for no photos today.


  1. I noticed you were a winner on Bonnie's giveaway. Congratulations!

  2. I saw you were a winner, too! Have fun with it.


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