Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Post Updates & Copyright Comments

The last few days have been (re)educational.  For those of you who follow Bonnie Hunter/Quiltville, you know she had a recent issue over someone posting her copyrighted material in an inappropriate way.  

I always try to be respectful of copyright yet know that in today's media/social-centric world, inadvertent lapses could be made.  In that respect, I went back and reviewed what she had written in her Grand Illusion Introduction and she stated there that neither sizes nor (element) quantities should be posted on our blogs, and I thought, uh-oh, I may be guilty there, so I went back and reviewed all my own posts that dealt with G.I. and found a few personal offenses in that vein and have changed them.  I don't expect anyone to go back and review my blog posts, the changes wouldn't be obvious anyway, but should someone new come along and read my older posts, hopefully they will be inclined to look up Quiltville for the instructions and/or purchase Bonnie's (future) book when the pattern is removed from the website to be put in that book.

As much as it relies on me, I will keep the piece (peace) in the quilting world; won't you join me? :) 
Quilter's take on the adage "To err is human, to forgive Divine."

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