Sunday, September 21, 2014

And Sew It Goes

I've been home for six days, and will be home until 10/13.

There has been no fabric in, nor out, since my last post - wow, that was a long time ago!

My machine and table are back up and ready for action though.  But what did I notice as soon as I went to turn it on?  The light bulb has burned out!  It's the first time since buying the machine that I've needed to replace the bulb.  I've had the machine for probably 10+ years.

Look how small that bulb is!  It's on my rotary mat and is barely an inch long and only 3/8" wide.  Clearly I cannot steal the bulb from my other old monstrosi machines, so will have to see if a sewing machine shop locally has one.  

Someone mentioned perhaps our Joann's sewing center may have them as Singer, Viking & Pfaff are all owned by the same company now; my machine is a Pfaff.  I was wondering why, when I Googled it, I could only find it for Viking.  For my birthday back in July I was given a Joann's gift card, so maybe I'll head there first.

Now, to clear off all the paperwork I've also been sorting through in my sewing room and pull out a project and get some sewing in while I'm home.

1 comment:

  1. That bulb is toast! I am on my second Pfaff and don't think I've ever changed a bulb.


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