Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Bulb Success

I successfully found a new bulb for my sewing machine at a local machine shop.  I forgot to take a photo before putting it into the machine - not as easy as removing it - but by comparison to the photo of the old one, the new one is perfectly clear and you can see the filament that is in it.  I was wondering if perhaps I shouldn't have purchased a spare as one never knows how hard it will be to find one after another 10-plus years!

I also thought I'd have been sewing by now, but am struggling to stay focused long enough to figure out which project I should work on.  And so far today, I've only been attempting to clear an area in the garage for the stuff I brought back from the wet land that needs to be stored for now, and now I have a sinus headache from the dust stirred up from packing stuff up for charitable donations and moving a whole lot of empty boxes around.

Well, the day isn't over!  

Maybe I'll re-tackle this one that I've had so many problems with.

1 comment:

  1. Good luck with it! I hope it behaves nicely for you this time round.


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