Friday, September 26, 2014

Making Progress

Time passes way too quickly for my comfort these days.  My time home is already approaching the half-way mark!

Over the last four days, I have finally been able to get in some sewing time in between all the cleaning 'catch-up' me, you do not want to know what my breakfast bar and stove looked like before I hit them with a scrubby sponge and ammonia! 

Instead of working on the project I mentioned on the 23rd, The Twisted Sister project by Ami Simms, I pulled out Circle of Light which I had written about as my January NewFO in 2013, that's right, 2013! Previously, I had all of the blocks completed but needed to fix two of them and that's how it remained from 8 January 2013 until the 23rd of this month.  Fixing the two blocks was really easy, and now I have six rows completed, and the remaining four only need one or two more seams each to connect the remaining segments, then I can begin pinning the rows together.  
From the pattern: Circle of Light designed by Susan Dyer & Nancy Raschka-Reeves, Glad Creations, Inc, Minneapolis, MN
It's possible for me to have this become a flimsy by the time the weekend is over, but only if I can stay motivated.  I'm finding that hard to do after having so much quilty-down-time with the path life has taken this year.  I keep thinking of a whole lot of other things that I should be working on as well. 

I'm really liking the earth tones of this scrappy quilt.  It's perfect for fall.


  1. Love it! Great fall colors. I often do what you did -- hit a snag and put it away, sometimes forever! Glad fixing those two blocks was simple and you've been able to move on. How big will it be?


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