Sunday, January 5, 2014

Stash Report No.1 - 2014

As Judy of Patchwork Times continues with helping us keep track of our fabric in and fabric out for 2014, with a goal of reducing our over-flowing stashes, I will continue joining in on the fun.  

I'm proud to report that I have not made a single purchase of fabric for 2014.  OK, alright, that's really not such a biggie for me since the year is only five days old, and I haven't made a fabric purchase since last July as I'm still adjusting to Marty's job loss and lack of new job. I'd sure like to be buying some new fabric. 

Used This Week: 0 yards 
Used Year to Date: 0 yards  
Added This Week: 0 yards  
Added Year to Date: 0 yards  
Net Used for 2014: 0 yards     note that I had to update this to 2014 after posting!

As a change to how I've reported my fabric usage in the past, this year instead of counting it when a quilt is completely finished, I will be following the same method Judy says she uses, which is three count-levels, one when the top is finished, another with the backing added, and a final with the binding added.  I do a lot of piecing, just not a lot of finishing (YET!!) so I do have fabric out that's never been counted...some of that will get to be counted this year as I hope to draw some of those projects closer to the finish line.

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  1. I use Judy's method, too, because I often let tops "age" while waiting for a need.


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