Wednesday, January 22, 2014


The past two days have been pretty busy again, so I've only managed to slip in a few combined hours worth of stitching.  

Tomorrow morning will be shot as well (see my D.O.O.W. post from today) but only because Nick needed a dental appointment as he's complaining of pain when he eats or even if he shakes his head like a dog to get the water out of his hair after his shower.  The dentist could only fit him in at 9:30 so he'll miss all morning of school, and it's all the way across town.

My sewing time was spent on these, the tiny little 9-Patch units I posted about on Monday. :

These are partially sewn sets that still need to be pressed open to add the third square to each row, and then have the rows sewn together.  Those little clips are coming in quite handy for this purpose.

These are 9-P blocks already sewn.  There are 30 in the stack on the left, and I think five in the stack on the right.  That stack in the background with the blacks interspersed are my prearranged sets for bow ties which serve as my leaders and enders.  I used to think they were fairly small...until I started sewing these 9-Ps, and now they seem ginormous!
Hoping you had some sew time on your schedule today.  I'll get a bit more in before heading to bed tonight.

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