Saturday, December 31, 2016

En Provence Greens

Part 6 was issued yesterday, finally calling for the greens.  I had pulled all the greens I had available after Bonnie gave us the paint chip colors.  When I picked up the chip card at Lowe's, I found the one with the 'correct' color on a card with variable shades on it.  

All of my fabrics seem to be in the lighter ranges.  Or in the bluer green ranges.  In my entire yardage stash, I have only one green that's the 'correct' shade, but I don't want to cut the yardage (trying to work through smaller strips and scraps first) and that yardage has brown-shaded feathers all over it which I don't think will set well with the other colors.
In the above photo, those on the left are clearly not being considered.  Those on the right are all I have but are in the lighter range, looking even lighter from the flash.  The 'correct' color is on the paint chip card, the second from the top.  There are two darker fabrics in the pile on the right, but I think I'll include them even though they are brighter because they both have yellow in them and a bit of lighter green.  I think they'll mix well and add a pop here and there.  The strips on the far right are not going to be included except maybe the piece on the top.  I might include the one with the pink flowers too because the pink coordinates with the magenta.

The only fabric I've purchased for this project is the backing, two quarter-yard pieces of lavender, and one piece of neutral.  The rest is all from my stash and I'm good with that.  One of the fun things of doing a mystery quilt from scraps/stash is that one can play with color variation, so mine will have lighter greens than what was called for.  It's still in the same family, but may give a slightly different look.  We shall see.

Happy New Year!

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  1. I think your greens will be great! I'm staying in the yellow-green family, as well. And staying in the red-purple family for the purples because they go better (in my eye) with the magenta. Just finished Clue 6 but haven't even started 5 and still have to do the purple 4Ps. I think I'm going to wait to see where everything goes.


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