Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Something New

Monday night, Panda stopped by my house to see my Allietare blocks.  We usually meet at her place.  Our meeting was a little later in the day than usual, Nick was off to work already, and Marty was in Phoenix for three days, so that gave us the perfect excuse to go out and grab dinner.  We decided to eat at the restaurant Nick works at and since it was a quiet night there, he was able to sit down for a few minutes with us.  He also asked if I could take his rig and get gas for him (lol, I'm the one with the credit card), so Panda had no objection and we took care of that.  

Panda wanted to go to JoAnn's to look at Ott-Lites, so we did.  I've considered getting one myself, probably since I first started quilting back around 1999, but could never make up my mind as to which one.  Too many choices boggle my mind.  A 40% off sale was going on (pretty common) but while we were there we learned there had been a 60% off sale on the lights.  Boo, hiss, how'd we miss?  I finally chose the one with the flip light thinking it would be the best both for my small area, and for those times when I go to quilt camp.  I had one of those tiny little clip on lamps, but wasn't impressed in the long run with it.

Ott-Lite box.
Letting the light shine on my work space.  It made a huge difference! I didn't realize just how dim my space was until I lit that thing up! WOW!!  This will make it so much easier on my eyes...maybe even on my sewing accuracy?

This is all the space it takes up, just a little corner of my table.  The light turns on and off by flipping up that front part.  This model has been around for years and years, and I'm sure many of you have them.  Besides the 40% off, I utilized a $25 gift card I've had since July, so that made the cost pretty low.  Still, another 20% off (from the 60% off sale) would have been nice too.  

Panda said she had priced them at Hobby Lobby, and with this sale, the better price was at JoAnn's.  I don't think I've mentioned that we recently had a Hobby Lobby open up here.  I've not been to it yet.  

I'm having dinner out again tonight, so I think I'll keep working on those Allietare rows in the couple hours I have between now & then.  I have sets of two blocks sewn together from each row, so now they'll become four-block strips, more or less, depending on the row length.

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