Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Moving Right Along

I'll apologize up front for the poor image, but this room is just not big enough nor empty enough to stand far enough away to get a full image.

Yesterday while I was waiting for my usual meet-up with my friend Panda, I went ahead and laid out all the blocks onto the design wall.  Hah, definitely 'fun' with the vertigo.  Just happy I didn't fall off that stool.

Here's how it was looking.  I moved that brighter yellow-centered star block from the far left edge, down to the bottom row so it looks a little more balanced.  Moving blocks around could become crazy-making, so I'm calling it good-to-go, and will now sew them as they are.
Sitting as close as I do to the design wall it looks busy.  When Panda arrived, she thought it looks busy too. That's funny because I thought this one looked less busy than those of the last couple years.  


  1. It may appear busy right now, but when you add a border or two, it will tame itself down. I love your layout.

  2. I think it looks great! It is calmer than we usually get from Bonnie. Having sets of units all the same in a block calms it down. Imagine how busy it would look if each point of a star was a different colour, or if each side of those square units was a different fabric.


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