Thursday, March 3, 2016

From My Mailbox

Once upon a time there was a give-away on a quilt blog that I follow.  I left a comment and promptly forgot about it, especially given that at the time I was still doing the back & forth between two states stuff.  That was last Mother's Day!  I've become pretty nonchalant with give-aways feeling my chances of winning are pretty slim, though in my six years of blogging (inconsistently I might add-but you already know that) I have been a winner a couple of times.

At the end of November, I was reading through the blogs and saw my blog name as the winner of the giveaway at Simply Stitching Along.  I need to say thank you to Deb for the things she sent.  She had a bit of a delay (hey, life happens!) in sending it, so included a few extra items.

Here are the goodies I received:

Two 100 Blocks magazines, and a Quilts from 100 Blocks.
The one with the orange strip across the top was in the initial give-away; the other two are bonuses :)  I see a lot of nice blocks in there, but have yet to really delve deeply into them.  I'll just say I've been busy with so much other stuff myself lately.
Another bonus item, a!
Did you notice the title "Threads..." [my blog is Webs of THREAD-quite apropo] and there is a quilt on the wall above the fireplace and the pillows are quilt designs. 
Back cover description.
I don't get in a lot of book reading, but I think this will definitely be read soon.  I like a good mystery, and a statement also on the cover that I didn't photograph says it has a generous touch of humor and a smidgen of romance.  Intriguing indeed, so yes, it will be read.
fabric :)
Fabric always gets a big smile, especially with a scrappy quilt lover like me.  The 5" squares are 42 different novelty fabrics and I looked at every single one and oh my they are cute and I can see them in an I Spy quilt or two, and I needed them as most of my stash fabrics don't do well for that purpose and I've been wanting to do one for my grand-kids.  The two little bundles (also bonus), 42 2.5" precuts each, are so lovely.  I love the soft, romantic feel of so many of the Moda fabrics.

Thank you Deb, I'll be having a lot of fun with these goodies.

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