Saturday, February 13, 2016

Writer's Block

I've sat numerous times to write a post and my mind just goes blank.  I haven't been able to come up with content let alone a post title.  I had to start somewhere though, so here I go.

Only little bits of quilt-y activity have occurred this past week or more since I visited you last.  I took some time to finish perusing the Lover's Knot quilt pattern book and in doing so decided I would make my quilt a lap-size.  Eleanor Burn's measurement gives that to be a 52" x 72" quilt.  I also chose my fabrics.
The quilt uses just four fabrics: a dark, a medium dark, a medium light, and a light.  In part, my selections came about based on the amounts of yardage of each needed, and what was available in my stash.  I didn't want to purchase any fabric.  I'm already thinking this quilt will be named "Love is Blue".  At least that came quickly!  The medium dark has a lot of light in it, but it will work in the places it's needed.

I took these and the book with me on Wednesday to my padawan's house and showed her.  She's looking forward to starting hers for her mom but still wants to finish her daughter's quilt.  She has a very busy life with young ones and she home schools.  Her colors will be along the lines of black and soft golds.  

On Monday, I met with my friend Panda as she wanted to get the rest of her fabrics for Allietare.  We went to Joann's first and then to another local craft store that carries a large selection of fabric.  Those are the only two local options.  We went to lunch and then back to her house where she began the process of washing and pressing the fabric before I left.  We agreed to start meeting every Monday, mid-afternoon.  We will probably do the actual work in our respective homes.  For me, it's a big effort to pack up my sewing machine and portable table, set it up, then take it all down to come home for just a 2 - 3 hour get together.  If she works on hers while I'm there, I'll plan to take hand work with me.  I have a number of embroidery projects that have languished again lately.  And while she's cutting or sewing, if I'm ahead of her, I can share what I've learned.  Also since this is her first B.H. mystery quilt, she may have questions as she goes about Bonnie's methods so I can answer those, though that may not be necessary at all.  Panda's a very experienced quilter, having both worked in a quilt store, and taught in the past.

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