Sunday, January 10, 2016

That Quilt Room

Here's an update, and a continuation from yesterday's post.  In placing some of the bins on that rack, it appears there just might be room to shorten the rods by the amount I need, and the rods are inserted into the end-boards using screws so they'll be easy(?) to remove and shorten.  So problem #1 may be solved (in the near future) which opens up that the rack-bins may not hold ALL of the fabric in the closet bins - what to do?  Make more quilts!!

The bigger problem: I fussed, and I fiddled, I measured and cut quad-squares to fit my measurements, but cannot find a better layout given the size of the room, the furnishings I have and still have ease of flow into the room and to the stash closet, and to sit in my chair.
This is my current layout, designed to scale.  Each square equals 6".  It works, but it's tight to move around in.
  • The ironing board is shown there on the left.  It's always up and that wall is my design wall.  
  • In that lower left corner is 2-dr filing cabinet upon which sits my TV.  
  • Next to the filing cabinet is a plant stand that has a box on it for the kitties to keep me company.  The stand actually belongs in the guest room and I'd like it to go back eventually.
  • To the right of the plant stand, is my sewing cabinet. 
    How it would look with the machine.  This is how the cabinet is positioned in the room.
    I did not have it until after my quilt room was finished, and I got it free so could not turn it down.  It has a well for the sewing machine but I do not have an insert to fit my machine so I keep the solid insert in place and keep a cutting mat over that.  That is my main, multi-functional work surface for all things done in this room.  In this position, I can also easily view the TV and the design wall.  When I face the cabinet in my chair, I can easily spin to my left where...
  •  I have my portable Sew-Ezi sewing table set up. 
    Taken before the sewing cabinet came home - things were situated differently then.
    My machine is almost always set up in it.  The problem with this arrangement is I cannot access any of the drawers on the sewing table unless I slide the sewing table to my left, or if you're getting your bearings from the photo, the far right corner, which is...
  • The retained 30" x 60" formica top from my old desk.  It sits atop two more 2-dr filing cabinets of which one is pretty much inaccessible because of the legs of the sewing table.  This serves as my large cutting table with large mat.  There is just enough clearance for the sewing table to slide about 8" underneath it when I do get into the drawers of the sewing cabinet.  Atop this also are a) another larger box for the kitties - they often are both in here but don't lay together, b) my pressing mat which is on the cutting mat, c) a lamp, d) an 8-tier file organizer (more is done in this room than quilting), e) our printer, along with an assortment of whatever may not have been put away or is being worked on.  All of these items abut the south wall which is the only wall with a window which measures 71" wide.
  • Turning the corner, proceeding onto the east wall, with the longer side of the cutting table taking up most of the space, there is a 'free-floating' student desk on wheels, my perfect sit at height but not used for anything other than storage at present. 
    Little desk still at the neighbor's garage sale before coming home with me.
    Supplies sit on it, and it's small shelves hold tablets and office tools.  I have it sitting sideways as that hutch shelf unit (spoken of yesterday) is against the wall along the remaining length.  On my diagram, the shelf is only sketched in.  When it's gone, the small desk can go against that wall, but that still won't give me a lot more room.  I'm showing...
  • The two, wheeled carts in the closet where they belong.
  • Between the two doors (entry and closet) is the perfect width space for the bookcase.
    My helper when I first put the books back on the shelves.
At present, the space I have between my sewing cabinet and the cutting table is just under 36".  With the other layouts I'd hoped would work, I'd have barely over 24", and that's just not enough room.

I've thought about cutting the cutting table down to 48".  If I were to get the insert for the sewing cabinet, I could store the portable sewing table opening up a little bit of space.  It would cost a couple hundred to get the insert.  Not presently in the budget.

Off to the side I show what would have been the projected cabinets for that east wall.  With those in place, much of the clutter-stuff would be behind cupboard doors.  The hutch shelf would be gone, but I'm not sure at this point how I could arrange to incorporate the cabinets. My thoughts were to have the cutting table under the window possibly still utilizing the file cabinets but I'd want spacers to bring to a height I could stand at.  The small desk would also be gone.  The sewing cabinet would parallel the cutting table, but then I'd be back to only 24" chair space between the two.  I could only gain 4" if I narrowed the depth of the cutting table to fit the large mat.  If I put wheels additional wheels on the center section (it's 3 sections screwed together) of the sewing cabinet, the right end could be placed elsewhere - I only use the drawer with the cupboard area just for some stored stuff.

The reality is, I need would prefer a bigger space.  Maybe I could trade this room for the master sits unused all day and has twice the space easily, has very poor lighting though and would need a complete make-over.  I doubt that will ever happen.  I'll just have to figure out how to make this room look and work better for now.  I'll keep working on it.  I shouldn't complain, I know many of you out there, have no dedicated ROOM for your quilting, and are happy with a corner of your dining, living, sleeping quarters.  Pray for MY contentment :/

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