Thursday, January 21, 2016


These past few days have been spent reviewing my Spools project.  It too was started as a Leader/Ender project.  I've calculated that it has 297 individual fabrics in it.  All scraps.  

The block is made up of side sets which form the background of the spools made from the spool sets.  After counting up how many I had of these side sets and the spool sets, I made a decision as to how big I wanted to make this quilt. I chose a lap-size, and with 3" borders, it will measure 57" x 69".  I was 58 side sets short, 4 spool sets over (I may use them as border corner stones).  

It was pretty easy to find more fabrics in my 1.5" strip bin to bring the count up.  They are now all counted out and bundled so that when I do actually sew on them again, I'll know where I am, and I updated my 'plan' sheet so I won't forget my plan.
Neatly bundled and labeled side sets on left, and spool sets on right.
75 blocks were already completed, and I need 357 blocks total.  They will finish at 3" square.  
Current finished blocks in no specific order or layout.
I'll figure out the layout after I finish all the blocks.  I tried to find some ideas on the internet but most were using much larger blocks.  I can revisit that later.  I know there are bloggers who've done some, so I may poke around there, or just leave it all to my own imagination.

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  1. Having a plan is such a good idea. You can waste so much time trying to figure out where you left off -- don't ask me how I know ....


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