Thursday, November 12, 2015

A Special Trunk Show...

A blogger I was heretofore unfamiliar with is hosting an online quilt trunk show.  Whims and Fancies is where you can find this fun show.  And she has pictures of the cutest cat under her "About" tab :)  =^--^=

Online Quilt Trunk Show | Whims And Fancies 

It started with this one...

progressed to three of these

Oh the joy of Friendship Stars and QSTs (quarter square triangles)

This was the third, and final, tree.

A Stack-N-Whack

A second Stack-N-Whack

Flannel case for a large floor pillow

And for the second pillow
A quilt for missionaries - the piecing was all mine, but other hands helped tie & bind

A second quilt for missionaries - my piecing, multi-hands for tying and binding

A third quilt for missionaries with the same M.O.

Same pattern, different colors and smaller size of the second missionary quilt, but scrappy pinks rather than 3-fabric only.

Cathedral Windows from a class.  Click on the photo to see the buttons - they had stars too.

"Jack In the Pulpit" for our pastor

And a matching table-runner for his Mrs.

My piecing - multi-hand finishing, for soldiers and/or their family in our fellowship group.

Same as the above Rail Fence.
And last but not least, a special gift for a special friend who house-sat and took care of our special needs kitty for several summers.  And, she had given me most of the fabrics in the quilt when she was cleaning out her 'clutter'.
That's my contribution to the show, I hope you enjoyed it.   Head over to Whims and Fancies for many more. I'm going to go do some browsing there now.


  1. Beautiful quilts--I especially like that black & white for missionaries and your special gift zig zag! Thanks for sharing

  2. Lovely trunk show Lee! I love that first whack and stack especially!

  3. Thanks for sharing your trunk full with us ;-)

  4. Your quilt gifts are so beautiful and I'm sure they are treasured by the receivers. This was an amazing trunk show...thanks for sharing!

  5. Lovely quilts. My favorite it your "clutter" quilt. I do love a scrappy quilt. Thanks for sharing.

  6. What a great collection of special quilts!

  7. Wow...what a great trunk show you shared with us.......The stack and whack Christmas Tree is amazing! I've always loved the rail fence pattern and log cabin.....yours are lovely

  8. Oh, it was fun looking in your trunk! My favorites (not that it matters) are the first one--such a striking setting--and the last because I've never seen that pattern before and really like the combination of triangle sizes and the zigzags.

  9. Beautiful quilts in your trunk show. My favorite is the black and white one. Very elegant.

  10. I love the flannel floor pillow case--log cabins and trees--wonderful!

  11. Fun trunk show :) My favorites are the black and white spinners and the bottom quilt. That Christmas quilt is gorgeous, too!!

  12. Thanks for sharing. My favorite is the black and white quilt.

  13. Your quilts are beautiful!! I love the trees, and the black and white quilt. Thank you so much sharing.

    Many thanks for the mentioning my cat. She is my best friend :)


  14. What great quilts - they look like quilts that are meant to be loved and used. I particularly like the last one. How special that it was made from fabrics given to you and then you turned them into a quilt and gave the fabric right back to her! That quilt just sparkles! Thanks for the fun trunk show.

  15. Oh, your black white quilt for the missionaries is a stunner. Love it!! But then....all your quilts in your trunk are lovely. It has been a delight to wander through your quilt gallery!

  16. Hopping the Trunk Show! Love all your quilts. Couple have given me some inspiration on a quilt I am trying to design for my are so hard to design for!


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