Sunday, September 27, 2015

Stash Report Sunday, Week 39, 2015

Since I didn't make it to church this morning and it's more than an hour before the live-stream broadcast, I thought I'd get my Sunday Stash Report posted.

When I was last in Oregon, as you may recall, I went to Quilt Camp.  While there, I hung a bag for the other ladies to place any unwanted scraps into, and a week or two ago I had hand-washed them since so many were quite small pieces.  I spun them 'dry' in my salad spinner (I saw that tip somewhere in my internet travels.) and then put the pieces into mesh laundry bags and placed in the dryer.  They tended to clump up in the bags, so I ultimately hung the bags and fluffed up the pieces so they'd dry completely.  Yesterday, I pressed them when I got tired of playing with Subtle Charm's bias triangle edges, and here's a picture of the end result:
It doesn't look like much really in this photo, but I was curious how much yardage it possibly equaled.  I took a one-yard piece of fabric from my stash and weighed it on my kitchen scale.  It weighed just over 5-ounces.  I then weighed these scraps; they equaled just over 10-ounces.  That could equal 2-yards, but I'm going to be skimpy, and add this as just one-and-a-half yards to my stash, because it's untrimmed scrap which after trimming or use, will result in quite a bit less I think. 

It's not looking good for getting out of the red this year.  But, there are still 13 weeks to go, so...maybe?

Used This Week: 0 yards
Used Year to Date:  11.4 yards  
Added This Week:  1.5 yards
Added Year to Date: 56.69 yards  
Net Used / Added for 2015: 45.29 yards

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  1. Other people's scraps are great for adding variety! I'm a pre-washer, too, but I might have skipped it for this-seems like a lot of fuss. Yes, you better get busy finishing!


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