Monday, September 28, 2015

Design Wall Monday

Why yes, yes there is, something on my design wall...and it isn't just pins!
Subtle Charm blocks
These are the first two of 30 blocks.  I'll share some additional photos, but you must promise not to laugh, and definitely not call the quilt police.  In yesterday's post, I alluded to my dislike of working with bias edges.  You'll see why in the following photos.  There are several problems, but I do find ways to work around them, and still get my quilt tops to lay flat.  It reminds me of quilt author and lecturer, Mary Ellen Hopkins, and her 'personal, private, measurements'.  I seem to quite unintentionally have my own...measurements.  These blocks are supposed to finish at 12".  I think mine will be fitting closer to 12 1/2" give or take several or more threads ;p.
Initially, I thought I was doing really well.  I had even found a special acrylic tool that helped me trim those points before sewing.  That tool was far better than my own plastic template traced from the pattern.
 There's something not so 'even' there.
 OK, this one doesn't look so bad, but maybe just a little off.
Not terrible, but where the tan and the green meet at the edge, it's a little off.  That's a close up in the next photo.  No, I didn't take it apart and ease in the excess, nor trim the tan.
 I left it, and the green side will just be a bit skimpier on the seam....
 As with this one which was a bit skimpy on the tan triangle. 
And oh my, oh my, what have we here?  Um, yeah, I had to splice in a skinny little section because there was no way I could do a 1/4" seam.  Since it's so close to the edge, and will be practically unseen, I didn't bother with making the additional strip on the bias, which is what the triangle edge was.

I suppose if I were making this for a show, I might be more inclined to 'play by the rules' (who makes those anyway?), but this is a long-overdue quilt - I bought the fabric over ten years ago - for our bed, and that means only hubs and I will be seeing it, and trust me, neither of us are going to complain if there's a mismatched seam or even a point cut off, but I'm persnickety on those points, so they are actually looking pretty good.

Linking up at Patchwork Times and I'm off to get more housework done.

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  1. Lots of seams, lots of bias -- looks like it came out really well, considering! My helper in spots like this is a bit of spray starch before cutting. It seams to hold things square just about long enough for me to get it sewn and GENTLY pressed.


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