Saturday, January 17, 2015

What Was My Plan?

While working on Grand Illusion, I was distracted a lot.  I'll explain that in part later.  One of my distractions comes from hanging out on the computer far too long.  I hang out on Facebook (my real me one, but I do have one set up as Lee Young), I read many other blogs, I check email and the myriad of listings of potential property I might want to buy (dreaming) that show up via Trulia, I watch TV in the background, I do housework, and I take naps.  Naps are important.  Unfortunately they want to happen right before I need to pick Nick up from school and they have to be postponed till I get home, and then when I awake, it's time to think about dinner.  All of that to lead up to What Was My Plan?  And, have you ever done this?

I set aside these two-inch squares, wrote that very sketchy note/plan, and wrapped it all up in another piece of paper, stuck a rubber band around it and stuck it in a drawer to be worked on after Grand Illusion.  I'm sure I saw a quilt or block on a blog or in a store advertisement or who-knows-where, that I thought would be great to do, maybe for my grandson?, but I have no real clue!  I didn't make note of where I saw what - guess I thought I'd remember, and clearly I don't.  I suppose I could use the line my dad is now sarcastically saying "maybe it's that dementia".  Should I be worried?  And better yet, will I be able to figure out and make whatever I thought about?  I even wrote down a project # for it and that I'd spent .8 of an hour selecting those 2" squares!  Even if I don't remember, I can put them away and start any one of hundreds of projects available, or make an effort at finishing the double-digit number of flimsies awaiting a finish!

Lest you be thinking about this time, that I'm done with G.I., I'm not, I am still making progress, but I only have a couple more days.  I will be leaving on Tuesday barring any potential delays.

The rows are done and I laid them out over the stair railing to get an idea of how it was looking.  Looks pretty much like so many others.  Are you all tired of seeing the same quilt, same colors everywhere you look?

Here I have the sashing strip rows attached to the rows of blocks.

Here they are all sewn together and placed in a more, ahem, photographic display (?).

And laid out on the railing with the photo taken from the top of the stairwell instead of from the hallway door.
I really, really like the block and overall pattern of this quilt and I've written about how much I struggled to stay motivated and on task with it.  That which has become evident as 'bothersome' to me is with some of the color choices - this is not at all to fault Bonnie Hunter, it is merely what appeals to me, or doesn't, in general.  For me, the greens and teals do not bring me peace.  The quilt is bright, which is also something I don't normally piece, but I'm open to trying different styles.  Funny though is, green has been my favorite color and I've always liked teal/aqua shades, but together - meh, not so much, and maybe it's that this shade of green tends to read more lime than grass even though it matched the paint chips.  I wonder if a more pine-green might have worked better.  Once I get the two borders on, I may find I like it better, but of three Quiltville mysteries I've participated in, this is probably my least favorite from the color choices.

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  1. Your little note for those cuts and setting sound like the baby quilt that was on Bonnie Hunter's Quiltville.


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