Monday, January 12, 2015

Design Wall Monday

For some reason I've been thinking today is Tuesday.  Before Tuesday does get here, I'd better get Monday taken care of, so I'm linking my update at Patchwork Times.

I made pretty good progress on Grand Illusion over the weekend.   
I've sewn all the sashing strips together into rows.  They're hanging vertically, though I sewed them horizontally, but it probably doesn't matter since it's a square quilt.  It was easier to pin them to the wall vertically :)

Flame is finding these sets quite comfy.  This is the stack of completed inner blocks with the sashing edge pinned.  I think my next project will require a lot less pinning!  I'm very tired of pinning and trying to make sure I don't lop off points or leave the points floating. 

Sewn on and pressed.  I now have the blocks pinned to make rows, so will work on those while I root for the Ducks :)
I'm still not sure I'll get this to a flimsy before I leave for the wet land, but it'll be close. 


  1. Your cat looks very happy on your blocks!

  2. It's looking so pretty Lee, looks like you have some mighty sweet company to keep you purring along on your quilt !

  3. Oooh your GI colors are wonderful. Your quilt is going to sparkle. I was so sorry the Ducks didn't win last night. Maybe next year. (Should I admit my first choice team is Southern Cal?)


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