Sunday, January 25, 2015

Stash Report - Week 4, 2015

I did it!  I finished piecing the top of Grand Illusion.  The borders went on easier than I expected after battling my motivational issues on getting it done at all.  And it was done before I headed back here to the Northwest.  Now, to figure out the numbers on that quilt, hmmm, seems I left all the paperwork at home :/  so how much fabric should I guesstimate for a top with a gazillion pieces and seams, that measures xx" square.  I was thinking a minimum of five yards, and then remembered that Bonnie gave us yardages.  Do you know her yardages added up to 12.7 yards fabric not including backing and binding?  That seems quite high to me, but maybe with all those seams it's close.  I think I will only guess about eight at this point and then when I get back home, I'll adjust my numbers after I take a true count from my own records.  

Used This Week: 8 yards
Used Year to Date:  8 yards  
Added This Week Month: 0 yards
Added Year to Date: 0 yards  
Net Used / Added for 2015: 8 yards 

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Now next week may have a slight adjustment as I'm going to head over to the quilt shop in town today and see if they have any more of the yellow constant I used in G.I.  I still have some at home, but measured and it's not enough to do the binding in yellow, which is what I wanted right from the get-go.  Had I not made a mis-cut, I would have had enough.  If they don't have the same fabric (I did buy it originally at this quilt store) I'll use something from my stash, but then I also know I just still may walk out with something.  

There's a Coastal Quilt Run coming up real soon too which my aunt and I plan to do, so I'm sure I'll be reversing that stash outage - what's a girl to do when she's never completed a shop hop and that's my goal for this quilter's run on the coast.


  1. I didn't join in on the grand illusion but I've been watching others do it and you are right that there are a gazillion pieces. Kudos for getting it finished. You are on the home stretch now.

  2. Congrats on getting Bonnie's mystery done. I have stalled at Step 2 and are looking at everyone's online. They're beautiful! ~Melanie

  3. Congrats on the finish!! I'm still mulling mine over. And you HAVE to buy fabric on shop hops. It may as well be a rule!!


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