Saturday, January 31, 2015

Delayed Intent

Last Sunday when I posted my update for the stash report, I had the intent to follow that up on Monday with a photo of my completed Grand Illusion top, though technically it wasn't on my design wall, and I forgot to do so.   That delay actually turned out ok because now I can post it and link it up with Bonnie Hunter's Link-up for showing our G.I. progress.  

Flame is giving it her final once over...she approved.

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I went to the LQS where I had bought the yellow fabric back I think in July, and they still had more, so I bought an additional yard.  I will use it for the binding and what I have remaining at home was less than what I need.  Any extra will go into my stash.  I also found a fabric I think will be good for the backing and if I didn't get enough yardage of it, I'll incorporate some of the leftover scraps and miss-cuts.  I'll report about those tomorrow for stash report....if I can remember to write up the post.  I don't have my purchase amounts committed to memory so will have to do that post a bit later as I'm watching a sappy Hallmark Channel love story.


  1. Your GI came out well. Hallmark is a staple for me, especially in the sewing room.

  2. That turned out very well. I like the way the yellow sash/border sets off the pieced border.

  3. Lovely to see it with the borders, Lee!


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