Saturday, October 4, 2014

What's Wrong With This Picture...Yet Again

After last week's flimsy finish, I've been busily working on Gathered Over Time.  I'll post more on that tomorrow as it is now a flimsy and I can count that fabric out of my stash.

Some nights I was working on this sweet little quilt until 11:00 or later, and you know it's said that you shouldn't keep working on something when you're tired.  Well, here's proof, and you can see what is wrong with this picture.
Hmmm, it looks like it could make a good boat, but that just isn't right!
Nope, those ends do not align correctly, rippit, rippit.
Ah yes, now that looks more like it.

And don't you love that yellow tape on my design wall?  Some day I will cover the wall with white flannel...some day!

Come back tomorrow and check out the flimsy finish.


  1. Oops! Looks good now, though!

  2. Oh, no! LOL - I am absolutely useless for sewing/quilting after 9pm. I've learned the hard way (and more than once!!!) that after that, I just need to walk away.


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